What Ammo Works for What Firearm?

If you’re new to the world of guns, you may be confused about what type of ammunition to purchase for your firearm. As a general rule, each class of firearm has a different type of ammunition due to the weapon’s unique size and shape. However, even within a certain class of gun, there are many different options for ammunition, all depending on the power and impact that you want from when you go shooting. Here are some of the most popular guns and the ammunition that goes with them.

12 Gauge

A 12 gauge firearm is a large shotgun with a long barrel. The type of shotgun shell required is measured by the gauge, and different gauge shotguns will have differently sized shells. The larger the gauge, the larger the shell. Most 12 gauge shells are around 1 and 1/8 ounce. This makes it incredibly important that you do not fire a shell that is different from the gauge as this may damage the gun or injure the shooter.


A 9mm is a type of handgun, primarily used for self-defense including by police offers and NATO forces. They are able to carry more ammunition and are lighter than many comparable guns. The appropriate 9mm ammunition weighs between 115 and 147 grams. The most popular handgun cartridge is the 9 x 19mm Luger.

22-Caliber Shotgun

A 22-caliber shotgun also has a long, thin barrel. It has significantly less power than the 12 gauge and carries smaller ammunition and is most commonly used for hunting small game. The 22-caliber shotgun popularly uses a small shell referred to as a “shotshell” which is smaller and lighter than a 12 gauge shell.

BB Gun

BB guns are one of the least powerful guns out there, which means it’s likely you’ve seen these guns being operated by teenagers. That being said, they still have the ability to injure or kill if used improperly. They have a long, thin barrel and can be used for target practice or to shoot very small animals. BB ammunition is very small and light. Only BB ammunition, known as BBs, should be used in a BB gun. BBs are small, round, and made from steel and lead. They may come in a variety of colors including silver, copper, and green. They typically weigh around 5 grams and are 4.4 mm in length.

Each type of firearm has a unique type of ammo. As a general rule, the larger and more powerful the gun, the larger and heavier the ammo. You should never fire ammunition that is not made for the gun you are using. Before buying ammunition, be aware of the type and size of the firearm to make your best selection.

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