The Accessories You Need to Improve Your Shooting Game

If you’re like most gun owners, chances are you’re looking to accessorize your new rifle or handgun in order to get the best possible accuracy and performance. From lasers and optics to grips and stocks, there are several different gun accessories you can add to your firearm to enhance its usability and effectiveness. While not every gun needs every accessory below, selecting the right accessories will make your gun more functional and help you improve your shooting game.

RAS/RIS Rail System

Rail adapter and integration systems, known as Weaver and Picatinny rails, are standardized accessory mounting rails that not only look cool but serve as anchors to make a wide variety of guns compatible with various optics and other attachments. One type of rail system even features an integrated electrical supply for powering any digital accessories attached to the rail.


A gun is no good if it can’t aim. Most basic weapons come with some form of iron sights. While you can take your gun’s sights up a notch with glowing iron sights for aiming in the dark or calibrated flip-up tangent sights, you’re going to want to add some optics to really improve your shooting game. A reputable gun optics accessories provider will have a wide variety of gun optics accessories selection that will have an array of standard telescopic scopes, night vision sights, thermal scopes, and other optics solutions to take your shooting game up a notch.

Slope Indicator

A slope indicator, or clinometer, is a device typically attached to the scope or its mounting rings. A must for shooting in hilly or mountainous terrain, it will show the elevation of your rifle and help ensure it is level prior to firing a shot. With this nifty accessory, you’ll shoot fewer shots into the ground and more on target whenever you’re firing up or downhill.

Grip and Stock

While the grips on most rifles and shotguns comprise the front of the stock, pistols and other long guns use a pistol grip. Regardless of your gun’s setup, most widely manufactured firearms offer plenty of flexibility for switching the grip and/or the stock around. Grips are primarily chosen for comfort and, well, grip, but stocks are equally available and can offer added stability for a cleaner, more accurate shot.

Most quality firearms are ready to go from the get-go and don’t require any accessories in order to function as they should. However, adding a few accessories to your gun can really boost its performance, and most importantly, your ability to consistently hit the mark.

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