5 Reasons To Buy Used Cars From a Dealership

Now that you have decided to buy a used car, you have a choice to make. If you like, you can look around online and even in newspapers to find a used car being sold by a private individual. However, if you are like more and more car buyers, you may want to buy your next used car from a dealership. While at first, you may think it makes no difference who sells you the car, the fact is buying from a dealership will offer many advantages.

Trading In Your Current Vehicle

When you buy from a dealership, you will have the advantage of trading in your current vehicle. Not only will this reduce the price you pay for your next vehicle, but it will save you the hassle of having to sell your current car on your own. This will save you time and money. Even if you don’t end up trading in your vehicle, having the option and the appraisal is very useful. Knowing what your old car is worth will help you sell it later down the line.

More Choices

Variety is the spice of life. Especially in the world of cars. If you find that the car you are looking at isn’t up to your standards, you have plenty of options nearby. On the other hand, if you were searching outside a dealership, you’d have to start your search all over again. Being at a dealership will give you a plethora of options. You never know, you may find the perfect car is different than the one you thought you wanted. Shopping around is much easier when the cars are feet, not blocks apart.

Thorough Inspection

When you buy a used car from a private individual, even if it is someone you may know, it is always possible there may be something wrong with the car of which they are unaware. However, when you buy used vehicles from a dealership, you will know the vehicle you want to buy has undergone a thorough mechanical inspection prior to being offered for sale. Not only will this give you peace of mind, but also ensure you don’t wind up buying a lemon.

Vehicle Warranty

If you buy a used car from a private seller, you are essentially agreeing to buy the vehicle as-is, meaning the vehicle will not be under warranty should something go wrong later on. However, almost all dealerships choose to offer warranties on the used cars they sell. In most cases, you can expect to buy a vehicle that has a three-month/3,000-mile warranty that covers the basics of what could go wrong mechanically. When you buy Certified Used Vehicles, expect the warranty to be more extensive.

Legal Protection

Last but certainly not least, buying a used car from a dealership will ensure you have certain legal protections should the deal go awry once you drive the car off the lot. For example, since dealerships have many laws and regulations they must follow when selling cars, they will disclose if a vehicle has a salvaged title. Should you buy from a private seller, they may or may not give you this information.

Since even an older used car will cost you thousands of dollars, why take a chance on dealing with a private seller? Instead, work with a dealership you trust when buying your next used vehicle. You’ll save money, time, and effort. And with so many options at dealerships, you are bound to find something that works for you. So when you need your next car, consider taking a trip to a used car dealership. After all, buying used is much cheaper than buying new.

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