Types of HVAC Maintenance You Should Regularly Complete

HVAC maintenance are very important to keep your home comfortable and functioning efficiently. It’s very easy to forget about your HVAC system until it breaks down. HVAC services is a brief way to remind yourself that maintaining your HVAC is an important habit.

Inspecting and Maintaining HVAC Ducts

HVAC ducts are designed to deliver cool or heated air throughout your home. However, when dust or other debris builds up inside these vents, it can lead to a variety of problems for your heating and cooling system. These issues include reduced energy efficiency as well as higher utility bills.

To ensure that your air ducts are working properly, it’s important to inspect them regularly for damage or leaks. You can also perform regular maintenance on these vents by cleaning them out once every few years using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.

Checking the HVAC System’s Refrigerant

This type of service will ensure that your system is working properly and safely. It will also keep the refrigerant levels balanced so that there is no damage done to your unit or any leaks which could lead to fires or other problems with your unit later on.

Boiler Maintenance

If your home uses a boiler for heating, you should plan on getting it serviced on an annual basis. They will clean out buildup on the unit and make sure all the components are in working order, among other needed upkeep tasks. These quick steps will keep your boiler function at optimal efficiency. If you notice a drop in efficiency, you can also call for boiler repair services.

Checking Air Filters

You should have air filters changed at least once every three months or so. This helps keep dust and other debris out of your AC unit so it can work properly and efficiently throughout the day. If you do not change these filters regularly, then they can become clogged up and prevent air from flowing into the unit properly. This can lead to a breakdown in performance or, even worse yet, an explosion.

Checking and Cleaning Coils and Fans

Coils are metal tubes that transfer heat from the air conditioner to the outside air. The coils are located inside an outdoor unit, which is typically located outside of your home. Coils can collect dirt and debris on a regular basis, which can cause them to operate less efficiently.

Sealing Leaks in the HVAC System

One of the best ways to keep your home comfortable is to seal leaks in your HVAC system. Leaks cause air to escape from your home, which means that you have to use more energy to heat or cool it. If you seal these leaks, then it will be easier for your HVAC system to operate efficiently. This will help lower your total utility costs each month.

It’s always best to service your heating and cooling unit regularly to ensure that it’s running at peak efficiency. Many of the repairs you might need can be avoided by simply staying up-to-date on your tune-ups. And if you’re in need of emergency HVAC services, make sure you call your emergency services for help.

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