Need Replacement Parts for Your Industrial Equipment? 4 Ideas for Sourcing

Finding new sources for replacement parts is trickier than it sounds. Many replacement parts may have been discontinued or are uncommon in your local hardware stores. Luckily, there are many ways to find a reliable supply of replacement parts if you can put in the hard work.

Check Local Junkyards

Checking local junkyards is a unique solution if you are looking for industrial equipment replacements for a quick fix. If you are repairing industrial equipment in a certified company, this is not a good idea. However, if you are the only one who owns and is responsible for the equipment, local junkyards can be a treasure trove of replacement parts. The trick is to stick to the non-essential parts. Replacing essential parts with junkyard finds can ruin the entire machine. You also need to do extensive research so you know what to look for in a junkyard and what is still in good condition. Some parts you may find may not be the make or model you need.

Search at Used Parts Shops

Searching used parts shops is faster and more reliable than junkyard finds. Even though you will have to spend more money, this is typically the superior sourcing method because it is more accessible and requires less intimate knowledge of replacement parts. However, many of the same warnings still apply. If you are trying to replace parts for a certified business, you should not buy them at a used parts shop. Get something straight from a manufacturer or broker you know is reliable. You will also still have to do a considerable amount of research to find useful parts at these local shops. You will probably need to spend a day or two traveling through stores in your radius and going through their inventory.

Try Reliable Sources Online

Of course, the first place most people look for replacement parts is the Internet. While this can be a fast and efficient way to get items, you must be sure to only buy from reliable sources and certified brokers. When you are dealing with industrial equipment like a YuCo YC-22R-3 light, you cannot sacrifice quality for a cheaper price. Some items will end up destroying your machine. To ensure you have found a quality broker, start buying smaller items at first, like an LED indicator light for machinery. In fact, items like an LED indicator light for machinery and control handles are some of the most common replacement parts online. You can save a lot of money by replacing less essential items like those with online bulk purchases.

Contact the Manufacturer Themselves

Lastly, you can try contacting the manufacturer themselves. Many manufacturers will have storage supplies of replacement parts that you can purchase straight from them. These items are good because you can worry less about getting the right make or model. Also, if a replacement part has gone out of stock in the markets, you should ask the manufacturer if they have any remaining surplus. Generally, they are more than happy to sell off their discontinued excess. Just inquire about availability and see what they can do for you.

Remember that it’s better not to have a replacement part than to have a faulty one. Unless you are in a dire pinch, you should save your money until you are confident about the quality of the item.

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