4 Business Technologies That You Can Trust

It’s no secret that all business processes are becoming more and more automated day by day, thanks to the rapid development of technologies and businesses that keep following the latest trends in the market. Over recent years, the most popular developments have revolved around automation and a significant increase in the size of data being processed.

Bots and AI

AI chatbots can act like digital personal assistants to guide consumers through their daily lives. They can be used on mobile devices, Sterling Manufacturing, chat platforms, and purpose-built devices.

Famous examples include Siri, Amazon Echo with Alexa, Google Home, etc. AI chatbots have been widely adopted in consumer experiences and have become indispensable in customer contact centers. AI chatbots process customer data in human language and offer highly personalized experiences.

Location-based Tools

Geolocation apps are a great sales tool. They combine location data with preferences to identify consumers’ buying behavior. These mobile applications can be customer-facing or back-end location data platforms.

You can even use them as rebate apps to give out rewards to customers who visit your business. And if you want to make your location-based marketing efforts more effective, you can use a location-based marketing tool called Databox. This tool automatically updates your dashboard with the latest metrics.


Businesses and consumers are increasingly choosing to use blockchain technology in their daily lives. This new technology has many benefits, including saving money and eliminating intermediaries.

For example, it can streamline transactions and cut costs for organizations by reducing manual work and easing auditing and reporting processes. Experts have pointed to the financial benefits of blockchain, including how it can help banks and financial institutions streamline their clearing and settlement processes, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Virtual Reality

VR is a growing industry that can significantly improve regular training for various employees. Specifically, VR training can help a wide variety of employees, including salespeople and customer support staff.

VR can be a powerful tool for producing highly-trained specialists with realistic simulations of various situations. Here are some ways that VR training can benefit your business. A virtual reality headset can also increase employee productivity by making meetings and training sessions more enjoyable and productive.


Technology can be beneficial for business owners if appropriately used. Some of the tech options in this list have been around for years, and others are more recent “upstarts.” Whichever one you choose, remember to always do your research.

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