Buying Used: How To Save Money on Your Next Car

With prices and demand for passenger vehicles at record highs, many people looking for their next ride are considering getting a used car. The prices of previously owned vehicles have also skyrocketed, but they can still represent more value than buying something new. Knowing how to save money on your next car helps you get new wheels without breaking the bank.

Shop Seasonally

There are seasonal fluctuations in various vehicle prices that you might be able to take advantage of. For instance, sports cars and convertibles don’t sell well in the middle of winter. Also, gas-guzzling SUVs tend to do worse in summer when gas prices go up. Know what you want, and then see when it is usually the cheapest.


Another advantage of seasonal shopping is that some months have more deals than others. Look for months with lots of holidays, and shop early. The more patient you are, the more likely you are to snag a sweet deal. If you have the time, look over a year to see when the best deals are.

Know When Dealerships Get Their Shipments

If you’re looking for used Ford cars for sale, then a dealership that has multiple options is a good place to hang out. Don’t buy right away though. If you can find out when the dealership is about to get a lot of fresh inventory, you might be able to strike a better deal. If they’re suddenly looking to free up spaces in their lot, you might get a good price that helps both you and them.

Do What Others Won’t

Many car shoppers might just stick with the traditional avenues of visiting dealerships and looking at car websites. Get off the beaten path by checking out Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace. Head to a car auction to see if anything strikes your fancy. Many places are often overlooked when looking for a new car.


Also, always be willing to haggle and negotiate. Negotiation is not a rude thing to do, as both parties should be able to get what they want. Many people won’t do it at all, but it’s common for used cars. So don’t be afraid to offer a different deal. It could end up saving you a lot of money.

Check Out Rental Cars

Rental car companies try to rotate out their fleet after just a year or two so that their customers are always driving something new and with low mileage. They also take exceptional care of the vehicles in their fleet. Many cities have at least one sales lot selling used rental cars that are in good condition at price points designed to move the inventory they no longer want.

Check the Car

Whenever possible, have a mechanic you trust look over the used car from bumper to bumper before you are committed to buying it. That can spare you from winding up with a lemon. They might also find a few problems that help you negotiate a better price. Just make sure that the mechanic is one you trust.


Buying a used car is a smart move. It will save you money up front, and down the line with insurance rates. Go further by shopping even smarter with these tips. Your wallet will thank you for your consideration.

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