4 Tips For Traveling With Your Bike

4 Tips For Traveling With Your Bike

Whether you are going on a vacation or perhaps are a competitive cyclist heading to an important race, it’s important that your bicycle gets to its destination in one piece. While you may assume trying to travel with your bike can be a headache in terms of getting it packed and so forth, it’s actually much easier than you would imagine. If you’re preparing for a trip and want your bike to accompany you to your destination, here are four tips you should keep in mind.

Invest in a Bike Carrier

To make sure your bike is protected during your trip, invest in a bike carrier. Easy to fit inside a standard sedan or larger vehicle such as an SUV or van, these carriers come in both hard and soft-sided versions. Often used by professional cyclists who travel around the world for competitions, a bike carrier will be money well-spent.

Rent a Van

If you have a smaller vehicle that will barely hold your luggage and just won’t have enough room for your bike, consider Biking Mercedes Van Rentals or similar options and rent a van for your trip. This will not only ensure you’ll have plenty of room for your bike, but also enough room for the many things you may buy while on vacation.

Consider the Extra Fees

If you will be flying to your destination and want to bring your bike along for the trip, always remember there may be extra fees to take into consideration. For example, some airlines may charge you not only a normal baggage fee but also a fee if they consider your bike carrier to be an oversized or overweight item. However, more and more airlines, including United and Delta, have in recent years decided to eliminate baggage fees related to bicycles, so you may be able to save a few dollars.

Confirm Your Connecting Flights

When you are flying and have your bike in tow, always confirm any connecting flights you have along the way. Since many airlines will limit the number of bike cases they will have on a flight, you don’t want to arrive at your destination, only to discover your bike is still hundreds of miles away.

When you take your bike on vacation, it opens up a world of possibilities regarding the activities you can enjoy. By taking care of all the details when you are preparing to fly, buying a high-quality bike carrier, and even renting a van if you so choose, traveling with your bike will be an easy experience.

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