Crawl Space Storage Tips for Cluttered Décor

It’s easy for a crawl space to become cluttered and look more like a junkyard. It’s also an ideal place for excessive moisture, filth, and debris to accumulate. Keep a clean, healthy crawl space by packing your items as efficiently as possible. There are several ways to remove clutter and provide the greatest benefits for this reserved space. 

Use Airtight Containers

A crawl space is not easy to clean and collects piles of dirt and debris. Protect the integrity of your personal items in airtight containers. This prevents sensitive fabrics and papers from being ruined by excess oxygen and moisture. For example, pieces of paper that have been incorrectly stored turn yellow when exposed to air for long periods of time. Too much moisture can even ruin wood and certain fabrics. Protecting your stored belongings from moisture damage should always be prioritized. 

Make the Most of Storage Space 

Fill each container to its fullest capacity. Stack your containers tightly together, side by side and on top of each other. A crawl space is recommended for items that cannot be fit into a closet, garage, basement, or spare room. If there is no more floor space, install racks or shelves without adding unnecessary clutter to the room. 

Optimizing your storage space will help you prevent your crawl space from becoming cluttered. In addition, an organized storage area will also make it safer and easier for you to maneuver around your crawl space. 

Maintain a Stable Room Temperature 

A crawl space is the first place to be hit with extremely cold and hot temperatures. Some of your belongings may begin to deteriorate when exposed to these conditions. Maintain a stable room temperature by installing crawl space insulation. 

When it’s too hot, you want to release the excessive heat through small openings. When it gets too cold, you should consider insulating the walls or ceiling to keep the warmth in. Look for breathable insulation materials that expand freely to fill gaps in the walls or floors. After a heavy rainstorm or snowstorm, the strength of your insulation will prevent water damage and mold growth.  

Remove Unneeded Items 

Every six months to a year, remove items that you no longer need. Look for belongings that are too old, damaged, or are taking up too much space. A storage area should never be overflowing with clutter as it can cause safety hazards. You need proper storage techniques to keep this small area neat and well organized. 

As a homeowner, make the most out of every storage space you have. This includes the rarely seen crawl space that is often unfinished, unlivable, and too narrow to enter normally. Install shelves, insulation, or other features to increase your storage capacity and optimize the use of this space. 

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