Reasons to Have Your Roof Inspected

Reasons to Have Your Roof Inspected

The roof is a vital part of the skin of a home, yet you can easily overlook the many times an inspection can be helpful. Roof inspections ideally take place twice a year, once after the hottest weather has passed in your area and once when the coldest weather has done so. Why, in particular, should you get a roof inspection? The following reasons should help guide you.

Routine Roof Maintenance

Even the most durable of roofs will develop issues as time passes. It’s simply a side effect of time and age wearing down any structure. Strong winds can loosen or tear free shingles, resulting in accidents or property damage and greater chances of leaks. Particularly crazy weather has the chance to not only exacerbate any wear and tear, but to do outright immediate damage as the storm progresses. Roof inspections help you maintain your roof to keep your home snug and safe. A residential roofer can diagnose the initial symptoms of roof damage, meaning they can also repair any problems they find before they grow too serious.

Storm Damage Possibilities

Some areas are more susceptible to severe storms than others. If you dwell in one such locale, you should routinely have your roof checked for storm damage once the clouds and winds have dwindled and moved on. Professional inspections check for leaks, cracks, missing shingles, and damage from wind-driven debris.

Leak Assessment

Leaks may start out small, but just like a cut to your skin can let in infections, a leak in the roof can lead to rot and mold. Leaks cause increased energy bills and decreased value of your home as discoloration spreads. Regular roof inspections can catch leaks before advanced deterioration sets in.

Security Considerations

Thieves need not force a door or a window if you have an unsecured skylight or roof hatch. A weak roof raises the risk of burglars gaining access to your home. Roofing professionals can spot security lapses, diagnose them, and offer solutions.

Check for Proper Drainage

Your roof regularly experiences exposure to rain and moisture. When it lacks proper drainage, it can weaken. Standing water is heavy; it also encourages bacteria growth in your roof. Your gutters may suffer as well. An inspection by a residential roofer improves and maintains proper roof drainage, preventing the accumulation of standing, stagnating water.

Save Money with Energy Efficiency

Owning a home is a long-term commitment. One ongoing challenge is to keep down energy bills. The diagnosis and repair of roofing problems early, before they grow into calamities, are essential for energy bill efficiency. This way, your expensive heated or cooled air does not escape through the upper portions of your home.

Roofs are much more than handsome features on a house. They keep the regulated air in, the inclement weather out, and protect you from incursions by animals or ill-intentioned people. Regular roof inspections maintain this important shell, saving you money by catching problems promptly.

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