What to Look For When Finding an Attorney

What to Look For When Finding an Attorney

When you find yourself needing an attorney, that means you have a legal situation in your life that is probably fairly serious. You might feel really overwhelmed at such a time and even feel intimidated by the prospect of trying to find a lawyer. However, it’s not all that difficult if you know what to look for when finding an attorney.

Who Is Licensed to Practice in Your State?

Being licensed to practice law happens on a state-by-state basis. You’ll need an attorney who is licensed in the state where you need them. Keep in mind that some legal situations are across state lines, so you might need a law office that has attorneys licensed in multiple states. For example, a divorce happening in a city that sits on a state line might mean two different sets of state laws applying.

What Kind of Attorney Do You Need?

Lawyers are generally those licensed to practice law, but there are many different kinds. For instance, a divorce situation might mean you need a family lawyer, whereas facing criminal charges would make a defense attorney more appropriate. If you got injured in a vehicle or work accident, then you would look for a personal injury attorney.

Are They Available?

If you want the best lawyers, you might have to acknowledge that everyone else does too. They might have a waiting list or be booked up for some time. Look for a law office where you can actually talk to the attorney and not just a secretary or paralegal.

What Are Their Experience Levels and Success Rates?

Younger lawyers looking for work might be more competitive with their rates, but veteran attorneys might be more likely to have an extensive resume of actual results and satisfied clients to their name.

How Much Will They Cost?

Attorneys are not cheap. They pay a lot to go through their education, and the services they provide society are highly valuable. However, there can be situations that might make them more affordable. For instance, personal injury attorneys might not charge for a case unless they win.

The Balancing Act

There are obviously many factors that go into finding an attorney, and you need to balance them based on how important each criterion is to you. On the other hand, how personally comfortable you feel with a certain lawyer might be the most important factor of all.

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