How to Keep Your Baby Healthy During The Holiday Season

How to Keep Your Baby Healthy During The Holiday Season

Spending the holiday with a newborn can be hectic, especially if it is your first child. The thing with newborns is, you need to find a system that works for them. If you have no system in place, here are some of the things you can do to ensure your baby stays healthy during the holiday.

Maintain a Regular Feeding Schedule

The holiday can get to you, and you might realize that for most days, your baby is feeding later than usual. Even if your baby does not cry, they will fuss because their schedule is interrupted. Babies need consistency in their lives, and one of the ways to ensure this happens is by feeding them at regular intervals. It will ensure you do not have a fussy baby in your hands.

Carry Wipes and Sanitizer

Kids love to touch so many things and put them in their mouths. If you will be traveling or visiting friends, then chances are they will pick up a lot of germs on the way. It helps if you have some wipes and a sanitizer with you in such a situation. You can also use something like a waterless hand wash. While they might not seem like a necessity, they come in handy when you need to wipe surfaces before you let your baby sit there or even wipe toys in case they drop them.

Stick To Healthier Treats

One of the biggest mistakes you can make during Christmas is overindulging your sweet tooth. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, you might end up running after a sugar-crazed toddler. The other issue would come in if you give your child too much sugar to give them cavities. There are so many healthy treats that you’re little one will still enjoy, and all you have to do is research these options. You can get your child candied fruit that is both sweet and has a healthy aspect. That way, your child gets to have a good time but stay healthy as well.

See Your Pediatrician Before Traveling

Traveling with a young child can get hectic, especially if they fall sick on the trip. For this reason, it helps if you see your pediatrician before traveling. They might give your child a flu shot and any vitamins they will need on the trip. That way, you are sure your child is well and can make the trip.

With the tips above, you can be sure that you will have a great holiday with your child. Make it a great holiday, and remember to make memories with your child and loved ones.

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