5 Expenses To Expect When You Buy A Scooter

5 Expenses To Expect When You Buy A Scooter

If you are tired of seeing more and more of your hard-earned money disappear into your car’s gas tank week after week, you may be looking at scooters as a viable transportation alternative. Fun to ride and easy to maintain, they offer numerous advantages over today’s high-priced automobiles. But just like cars and trucks, scooters come with their own set of expenses. To know what you should expect upon buying a scooter, here are five expenses that will come your way.

Maintenance Costs

Yes, your scooter will need regular maintenance just as your car did to continue running smoothly while on the road. However, other than an occasional oil change about every 10,000 miles and a new tire now and then, that’s about it. Also, you should be able to maintain your scooter yourself, meaning you won’t need to pay a mechanic.

Gas Costs

Though you will still be paying high prices per gallon of gas, the good news is that one gallon of gas is about all you will need at a time for your scooter. Once your scooter’s tank is filled up, expect it to get you 100 miles on that gallon of gas, and maybe even more. Needless to say, your wallet will thank you.

Scooter Insurance

Not everyone is required by the law to insure their scooter, depending on the state that they are living in. However, the cost of insurance is typically low, especially compared to cars. The make and model of your scooter will make a big difference when it comes to what is best for you. For example, it may be a really good idea to insure my Vespa but I may not want to invest in insurance for a scooter that costs me less than $1,000. 

Scooter Registration

If you need to buy insurance for your scooter, it’s a good bet your locality will also require you to register your scooter. To do so, you’ll need to visit your nearby DMV office, where you will receive a license plate and registration card. This is often a minimal expense, sometimes costing no more than $10 for a one-year registration.

Clothing and Accessories

Finally, riding around on your scooter rather than inside a car will mean you can become exposed to the elements. Rather than get soaked by rain or frozen by snow, invest in rain gear you can wear while riding your scooter. Also, a warm leather jacket and some boots may also be good, since these can also offer you protection in the event you are involved in an accident.

When you compare the expenses associated with scooters versus the expenses of car ownership, you’ll quickly see owning a scooter will be even more affordable than you ever thought possible.

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