4 Tips to Maintaining Your Vehicle Every Season

4 Tips to Maintaining Your Vehicle Every Season

Whether you bought your current passenger vehicle new or just new-to-you, it was probably in pretty good shape when you got it. However, it won’t stay that way on its own. You need to maintain your vehicle to keep it operational, comfortable, and safe. Knowing a few tips about how to do this goes a long way in accomplishing this ongoing life task.

Use Safe Driver Discounts

If your car insurance company offers a safe driver discount in exchange for having a tracker or monitor in or on your vehicle, then consider doing it. The discount won’t keep your car maintained, but it will motivate you to drive carefully. Reckless driving, accelerating too fast, and braking too hard all wear down your vehicle more than necessary. Always drive safely, whether you have a discount or not.

Find a Mechanic You Trust

Someone has to actually do the physical work of maintaining your vehicle. Your part is going to be finding the money and time for maintenance tasks and repairs, but you also need to find a mechanic or technician to do the actual work. Trust is paramount, although a convenient location helps, too. Whether you go straight to a dealership or use a local garage, find your go-to person.

Take Care of the Tires

Tires can wear down faster than many other parts. Keep them inflated, balanced, and with good tread. Rotate them as needed. If you find yourself in need of tire repair, get that taken care of promptly. Tires in great condition keep your rides smooth, your steering straight, and your MPG efficient.

Learn How to Do Things Yourself

From automotive forums and YouTube videos to brand enthusiast blogs and podcasts about specific makes and models, you can learn more than you ever dreamed about your own vehicle. You can also find a tremendous number of parts online. Take true ownership of your vehicle, and save money, by learning how to do specific maintenance tasks on your own.

Maintaining your vehicle takes some time and money, but it also extends the life of your car and saves you more money in the long run. Driving safely, finding a regular mechanic, caring for your tires, and learning how to do some things on your own all add up. The average car is owned for 11 years, but with proper maintenance, you can make yours last even longer.

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