5 Steps To Take When Your Manufacturer Fails To Deliver Your Products

5 Steps To Take When Your Manufacturer Fails To Deliver Your Products

If you are a business owner who is dependent on a manufacturer delivering products to your business by a certain date, you know how chaotic things can get when this does not happen. While there are always circumstances that can arise now and then that are beyond anybody’s control, there are also times when you will need to take certain steps along the way. To know what to do in these situations, here are five steps you should consider.

Contact the Manufacturer

First, you should contact your manufacturer to find out what is wrong. In some cases, products may have been shipped out but delivered to the wrong address. By contacting your manufacturer, the problem may get resolved much quicker than you anticipated.

Speak to an Attorney

If you have had continuing problems with a manufacturer or feel you are being stonewalled at every turn, you should consult an attorney. If your manufacturer signed a contract and then took payment for a delivery they have no intention of getting to you, it is a breach of contract and should be pursued by various legal options on your behalf.

Ask for a New Shipping Estimate

If your manufacturer has run into unexpected delays, press them for a new updated shipping estimate for your products. Should they provide you with one, make sure you document this date, since it could be important should you need to pursue legal action.

Contact a Collection Agency

Should you and your manufacturer reach an impasse where they have failed to deliver your products and still owe you money, contact a collection agency that specializes in commercial collection services, such as Leib Solutions. Since failing to deliver your products has impacted not only you and your business but also your customers, the financial impact can be huge. Because of this, do all you can to collect the money that is owed to you and your business.

File a Lawsuit

As a method of last resort, you may need to file a lawsuit against your manufacturer to recoup your losses. If you have a signed contract with the manufacturer, a breach of contract lawsuit can be very effective. By working with an attorney who handles these cases on a regular basis, they can likely negotiate a settlement with your manufacturer.

Though it will be time-consuming and frustrating along the way, holding your manufacturer accountable for their failure to deliver your products is essential. By doing so, you can not only learn from any mistakes you may have made but also recoup your financial losses as much as possible.

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