6 Startup Ideas for Fitness Entrepreneurs

Fitness entrepreneurs will find a market ready to take full advantage of their services, with health and personal care spending at an all-time high in the United States. More people are focusing on their health than ever before, and innovative new workout at home programs has made fitness accessible for all. If you are interested in jumping into the world of fitness startups, here are six great ideas to get you started.

Personal Trainer

While this is often the obvious choice for fitness enthusiasts, it is with good reason. If you’ve been spending hours each week or even each day learning about physical fitness and healthy living, you’ve probably built up the knowledge base need for a career as a personal trainer. Many people will start out as a personal trainer at a local gym, but you can always take it a step further if you have the entrepreneurial spirit. Build up your connections in local fitness circles and online, and you will have a client base ready when you are ready to branch out on your own.

Outdoor Fitness Instructor

While this may be somewhat seasonal in most areas of the country, outdoor fitness instruction is popular and profitable. Teach basic fitness at a local park, or specialize in “Mommy and Me” stroller exercise classes. There is a huge push to take activities outdoors, and these types of classes appeal to people who may be intimidated by gyms or who simply love being outside in fresh air during a workout. The biggest upside is that the overhead is almost non-existent, creating a low barrier to entry.

Virtual Yoga Instructor

Yoga has been popular for years and is showing no signs of slowing. A virtual yoga instructor teaches classes remotely, and students can simply log on from home and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. To get started in virtual yoga instruction, it pays to enroll in a yoga studio training accreditation program that will teach you the fundamentals of how to operate your business. Yoga doesn’t require expensive equipment, so the startup costs are typically low.

Kid’s Fitness Coach

Studies have shown that the majority of American school children get less than 25 minutes of physical activity each day. There is a strong demand for physical activity programs that get them up and moving, and this demand can mean big bucks for you. Starting a fitness program that brings sports and exercise to kids can be a real money maker and make a difference in combating childhood obesity. You can partner with local schools to offer fitness classes after school or set up your business at a local park for a greater cost savings.

Nutritionist or Dietician

There is never a shortage of people looking to either lose weight or just eat healthier. These people are all potential clients! Many states require specific licenses to call yourself a nutritionist or a dietician, so be sure to look up the regulations where you live. Both of these jobs involve learning about your client’s lifestyle and health goals, then generating a plan to help them achieve their goals. They will likely have tried several diets and searched around online for answers, so your experience and knowledge can help them in ways they can’t help themselves. It can be frustrating but incredibly rewarding work.

Blogger or Podcast Host

One of the fitness businesses with the lowest startup costs, blogging and podcasting is wildly popular, as people turn to experts to give them the inside scoop on everything fitness. Create a weekly blog that gives information on nutrition, health and fitness and earn money through sponsorships and advertising. You can even charge a small subscription fee or make money by selling merchandise. Other entrepreneurs use their blog as a means to sell their courses, books or personal coaching services. With little to no startup costs and a low barrier to entry, blogging and podcasting is an excellent business model for maximum profits.

When it comes to running your own fitness-based business, the sky is the limit. Literally anything you are passionate about, you will be able to find a target demographic to market your services to. Everyone wants to be healthier and look and feel their best, so use one of these ideas to help them and yourself.

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