4 Simple Ways to Move Your Party Across Country

4 Simple Ways to Move Your Party Across Country

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion or just getting together with loved ones to have fun, especially if you don’t get to see them often or you’re wishing you could do more with them, there are more options than you realize. You do not have to settle for the old routine of organizing a party at your house or a local venue, heading out to a nearby bowling alley, or setting up a picnic at a local park. When you add the social element of travel, your celebration has the opportunity to become an adventure, and it increases its potential of turning out to be very memorable. Traveling with your party across the country is different from planning a family reunion in the sense that some or all of the participants will travel together in order to make the most out of it. Here are four ways you can get this done:

Amtrak New Group Travel Discounts

Rail travel in the United States has been undergoing a quiet renaissance over the last few years. Amtrak has realized that Americans are interested in the highly scenic rides that only trains can provide, and that is why this national service has been introducing new train cars with panoramic windows and lounges. If you are traveling in a group of six, you can get up to 45% on discounted tickets. In groups with more than 15 passengers, the discounts are even deeper, and one of the tickets may be issued free of charge.

Bus Travel Over Multiple Days

One of the best options for visiting multiple locations and returning as a group is to book a bus charter trip. This arrangement is ideal for groups of 10 or more travelers, and the well-appointed bus accommodations will rival the touring coaches of rock bands who tour across the country. This option is highly recommended because of its round-trip convenience and the fun of no one having to suffer driving duty while everyone else has the options to sleep, eat, or generally have fun with each other in ways a driver can’t participate.

Charter Flights

When time is of the essence, and when the party destination requires long-distance travel, booking a charter flight makes great sense. Naturally, you would have to pay more for this service, but the costs are more reasonable and efficient if you are able to get at least 15 passengers to chip in. In recent years, getting married in the Caribbean and flying in with all guests has become a chic wedding trend.

Limo and Van Travel

This is a more traditional way of covering shorter distances for a party, and it can work wonders for going to a baseball game, or even to a nightclub located just outside your metropolitan region. The companies that offer bus charter options will usually have comfortable vans and luxurious limousines options for you to choose from as well.

In the end, getting friends and relatives together for a celebration that involves travel will make things feel more special and provide new opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. This is something worth experiencing at least once in your life, especially with the people you love and genuinely want to be around.

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