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4 Tips For Restoring Your Home’s Dated Exterior

Your home is most likely the most significant investment you’ll make. If you own an older home, then time can make your home’s exterior look outdated and rundown. Even if you have a newer home, you can still benefit by updating your home’s exterior with a few modern and trendy upgrades to increase your home’s value and curb appeal. Take a look at these four tips for restoring your home’s dated exterior.

Accent Sections With Siding

Adding horizontal siding over your home’s entire exterior surface is pretty common. But if you want to add depth, texture, and a unique look to your home’s exterior, consider adding panels, corrugated metal, decorative trim, or board-and-batten siding to eaves, upper levels, towers, and garages. When you combine one or more different siding styles, you bring attention to those areas of your home’s exterior and create a bold look.

Update the Paint and Trim

You should never underestimate how much a fresh coat of paint can improve your home’s exterior and bring a new life to an old and outdated appearance. Even if the paint on your home is in good condition, it can still fade and become dull looking over time, or the color can be outdated.

When painting your home’s exterior, be sure to match the color to your home’s architecture. Keep in mind that some homes can be very challenging to paint DIY, so you may find it extremely helpful to hire a residential painter with the skill, equipment, and experience to give your home’s exterior paint a finished and professional look.

Add a Porch

Porches not only add appeal and functionality to your home, but they add value as well. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting on the front porch sipping a glass of lemonade while the kids play on the front lawn? A front porch is one of the most sought-after additions to a home, and they provide a welcoming look to the facade. If adding a large porch is out of your budget, add a smaller porch with enough space for a couple of chairs and a small table.

Upgrade Your Windows

Enlarging your windows and adding shutters will do wonders for your home’s exterior look and appeal. By enlarging the windows of your home, you increase the curb appeal and add more natural light to your home’s interior at the same time. If enlarging your home’s windows is not an option, consider adding new and stylish shutters to enhance your home’s architecture and design theme. Use bold colors on shutters to make them really stand out.

Revitalizing your home’s dated exterior doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require an extensive remodel. In many instances, you only need some creative thinking and a little hands-on work to give your home’s exterior a fresh new look and some fantastic curb appeal.

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