When to Start Taking Your Child to The Dentist

When to Start Taking Your Child to The Dentist

Knowing when to take your baby to the doctor is fairly intuitive since a team of medical experts is with you during the birth. However, you may start to wonder when the right time to go to the dentist is, and following some guidance can help you to reach a decision.

After the First Tooth

An exciting day will come when your baby gets the first tooth, or perhaps this moment has already arrived. With several months of the first tooth appearing, you should typically take your little one to the dentist. A smart idea is to call your own dentist after the first tooth’s appearance to find out how much longer you should wait.

Within the First Year

If the first tooth does not appear within the first year, you likely want to schedule an appointment with the dentist to find out what is going on. Typically, babies will develop at least one tooth before they turn a year old. Of course, keep in mind that babies develop at their own pace. The lack of a tooth within the first year is not necessarily the sign of an issue.

If an Issue Arises

You might notice that your baby is having unusual issues with the gums. Also, you might discover an issue with the first tooth or some of the early teeth before the time comes for the first appointment. You do not want your baby to be in pain. Because of this, it is important to take your child to a dentist like Parkview Dental at the first sign of any issues.

Complaints of Pain

If your children are enough to speak, they are then old enough to tell you if something is bothering them. You should never ignore dental pain. Do not brush off your children’s dental pain as childish complaints. Even when you do not visibly see any issues in their mouths, problems could be lurking beneath the surface. Call the dentist as soon as possible.

Going to the dentist is a task that you need to introduce your children to early in life. Instead of delaying these important appointments, schedule your children’s first meeting with the dentist as soon as possible. Of course, keep in mind that only dental professionals can provide specific dental advice. In other words, if you want to know exactly when to take your child to the dentist for the first time, you should speak with your own dentist.

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