Line In The Sand: When to Hire A Land Surveyor For Your Home

Line In The Sand: When to Hire A Land Surveyor For Your Home

Having an accurate account of where your property lines are can be very important when it comes to a wide variety of things pertaining to your household. Putting in a fence, getting permits for a pool, or even looking into adding on an addition all require accurate knowledge of boundaries. This is where a specialist comes in. By hiring a qualified land surveyor, you are guaranteeing that they can get the job done right and will help you by providing an accurate depiction of your land and property line. Use these tips to help better understand what a land surveyor is and when to use them.

What Is a Land Surveyor?

A land surveyor is a person hired to determine exactly where property lines fall on any piece of property, residential or commercial. The surveyor will use special equipment to pull dimensions from different points around the property and map the points using stakes and spray paint. Land surveying might seem pricey or not worth it but keep in mind that old property agreements may use landmarks like trees, rocks, or buildings that do not exist anymore. Pay attention to what type of survey you need and be sure to hire the right company for the job. This will help you know that you are getting someone who is qualified and experienced in order to know that they will do their job right. Finding someone with years of experience in the area can also help put your mind at ease, as a professional will probably know the local codes and requirements better.

When Should You Hire a Land Surveyor?

Land surveying is done whenever you buy a new home or refinance an existing property. It is done for the banks, so they have exact knowledge of the land they’re lending money for. Insurance companies also need to know how close any buildings on the property lie to streams, power lines, trees, or other potential hazards. Surveyors can also be found on job sites, working hand in hand with engineers and architects to help plot out water mains, waste lines, and of course property boundaries. This will help you plan things like home remodels, fencing, and provide you with a more accurate property boundary when you are getting insurance.

No matter the reason you need them, a professional land surveyor can help you ensure that you are sticking to your property line. By paying attention to your property line, you can avoid any boundary disputes with neighbors or the city itself which will help you in the long run.

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