4 Essential Dental Health Products You Should Know About

4 Essential Dental Health Products You Should Know About

When it comes to oral hygiene, many people think that the only work needed is to brush your teeth every day. You need additional tools to remove the residual plaque and bacteria inside of the mouth. There are many different cleaning, whitening and brushing products made to help you maintain the healthiest mouth. Here are four products to add to your daily dental care routine.

Oral Irrigator

An oral irrigator, also known as a water flosser, uses high-pressure water to clean and floss your teeth. This is an alternative to using string floss that is messier and more likely to break your gums. This machine is designed to clean the hardest-to-reach spots in between and behind your teeth. In addition to water, add any cleaning solution to the water, such as detergent, salt or baking soda, for the most effective cleaning.

Interdental Brushes

Interdental brushes are a step more advanced than regular brushes. The bristles are thinner and longer for seamless cleaning in between teeth. The design allows you to brush your teeth and then floss without using string. The brushes are disposable with a reusable handle that is convenient for use.

Dental Prosthetics

A dental prosthesis is a device that is fixed into your mouth to replace one or more missing teeth and cover up dental imperfections. The most basic types are crowns that are placed on top of damaged or missing teeth. Dental implants are porcelain or ceramic molds on top of metal bases that are screwed into the jawline. The natural bone grows and becomes fused with the implant, making it sturdy and permanent. Bridges are permanent attachments that replace two or more missing teeth. Veneers are cosmetic devices that cover the front of your teeth, creating the illusion of perfectly straight and very white teeth.

Whitening Systems

There are different types of dental whitening systems to consider. LED whitening is the use of a laser light on a device that you wear as a mouth guard while a light shines over your teeth. You’re recommended to use this product every day for several months and then a few times a week for maintenance. Other types of whitening products are gels, pens, toothpastes, strips and tablets with results that vary.

A wide range of dental health products are worth looking into. Know that some products work better with others, some barely work at all and others have all-in-one features. Mix and match products to add to your unique dental hygiene regimen.

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