Why Now Is The Right Time In Your Life For A VW Bus

Why Now Is The Right Time In Your Life For A VW Bus

A cultural icon, the VW Bus was always destined to be an instant classic. Though considered big, bulky, and slow by today’s standards, those who have driven a VW Bus know just how special the experience can be from the moment they lay their hands on the steering wheel. With a 53-horsepower engine, this vehicle won’t win any drag races. However, it will bring with it a unique charm that makes you smile every time you set out on your next adventure. If you’re looking to break out of that rut you’ve been in for quite some time, here is why now is the right time in your life for a VW Bus.

Easy to Drive

Though you may have to become reacquainted with a clutch, a VW Bus is very easy to drive. Unlike an RV that makes you feel as if you’re driving a tank down the highway, a VW Bus is about like a full-size car, meaning you can drive it as well as park it with no problems.

A Sense of Nostalgia

Perhaps more than anything, having a VW Bus in your life now will bring back that wonderful sense of nostalgia. In your younger days, you may have piled into one with your friends to head off to a rock concert or a weekend adventure in the woods. If you want to relive those days, make sure you have a good source of VW transporter parts to keep your bus on the road.

Stand Out from the Crowd

When you drive a VW Bus down the highway, you will without a doubt stand out from the crowd. If there is one complaint about today’s modern automobiles, it’s that they all look alike. Well, driving your VW Bus around town or down a highway will solve that problem. Chances are, you’ll be seeing plenty of drivers smiling and waving at you once they get a look at your ride.

Plenty of Room

Finally, your VW Bus will have plenty of room for everyone. Able to easily accommodate up to nine people, everyone will have plenty of windows to look out during your trip. In addition, a VW Bus can be customized to include rotating seats, dining tables, and much more, making it a true home on wheels.

Once you decide to get some adventure back into your life, finding a VW Bus to hop into and drive down the road will make you feel years younger.

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