Why You Should Buy DVDs In The Age Of Digital Streaming

Why You Should Buy DVDs In The Age Of Digital Streaming

DVDs have been facing bumpy times owing to the evolving file storage technology. DVD is no longer a necessity for one to watch movies or tv shows. That’s because today we have advanced technologies providing diverse streaming services that offer a convenient movie watching experience. However, all big movies today still receive a DVD release, which raises an important question, should you keep buying DVDs?

Here we have gathered some important reasons why you should still invest in classic cinema DVDs to watch your favorite movies.


Broadly speaking, DVDs are less expensive in contrast to the digital media platforms that you usually have to stream online. Your favorite movie’s DVD might only cost you a few dollars. The approximate cost of a blank DVD has been estimated to be around $0.04-$0.13 per gigabyte, which is relatively more affordable than flash drives that cost around $1 per gigabyte.

Also, with online streaming services, you require a functional and good-quality internet connection. So, for people who are on a tight budget or can’t access a reliable internet connection, buying classic cinema DVDs is the best option to enjoy their favorite movies.

Build A Movie Collection

When you think about it, movie watchers fall into two major categories – the ones who only watch a film once and then move onto something else, and those who love to watch their classic cinema DVDs repeatedly over time. Some people love the nostalgic experience of holding a physical copy of their favorite movie.

With a digital copy, you really have nothing to show for it apart from the thumbnail in your digital library. Despite the advent of digital streaming sites and eBooks, physical media storage, including DVDs remains one of the most relevant ways of building an alluring movie library. You can also use your collectibles as a décor element in your home.

A DVD collection is a great way to show people what kind of movies you like, make suggestions, or have interesting conversations with the guests. Also, finding your favorite classic movie from an organized DVD assortment is way easier than spending ages surfing the web or streaming platform for infinite options. In the end, digital media files are not collectibles like DVDs.

Physical Media Is More Reliable

One of the major drawbacks of an online streaming service is its tendency of removing the titles due to the forever-changing liabilities and rights. Also, they are constantly upgrading their content which is great if you are in search of fresh content, but it can be quite irritating at the same time.

Having a DVD collection of your all-time favorite movies means that if you suddenly feel like watching something, you wouldn’t have to face the disappointment of realizing that they have been removed from the streaming platform.

We hope this provided you with some useful insight as to why DVDs are still a great investment in 2021. Make sure you check out the online DVD store to get your hands on the best classic movies of all time!

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