4 Techniques For Getting Rid Of Common Winter Pests Around Your Home

4 Techniques For Getting Rid Of Common Winter Pests Around Your Home

While summer is the prime season for pests, the winter season doesn’t necessarily mean that your home will be pest-free. When it’s cold and snowy, pests may creep into your indoors because it’s warm and cozy. That said, below is a handy guide to keep pests out of your house during the cold season.

Clean Up Your Yard

Most of the bugs found inside your home were once living outside. Bugs love to nest in mulch and wood chips. Therefore, it’s critical to keep your yard clean to ward off pests. Remove any leaves and other debris that may attract pests.

Consider keeping firewood far off from your house (at least 20 feet). Firewood attracts several insects that finally gain access into your home. Additionally, inspect any firewood to make sure it’s pest-free before taking it inside the house for burning.

Embrace Dryness

Are there moisture sites around your home? If so, these act as a breeding ground for insects, especially mosquitoes. To keep your yard dry, unblock clogged drains and gutters to avoid water from collecting. Eliminate other moisture sites like buckets and other containers by ensuring they aren’t stored with water.

Seal Off Openings

Seal any cracks and holes around your home to block rodents from coming inside your house. Inspect and repair your windows, vents, and doors for any cracks that may infiltrate pests into your house. Furthermore, use caulk to fill open spaces around pipes and vents. Replace any rotten wood, clear, and replace any broken bricks.

Consider Pest Control Services

When you spot mosquitoes and flies buzzing around your home, the first instinct is to take pest control into your hands. However, pest infestation can be overwhelming at times, leading you to seek professional exterminators’ services.

The good thing with professional pest control companies is that they have long standing experience dealing with a wide array of pests. And while dealing with pests, these companies use environment-friendly products that provide long-lasting solutions to pest invasion.

Having this in mind, during this winter, don’t let pests interfere with the serene environment of your paradise. Instead, engage the services of professional exterminators to deal with pest infestation for good.

Despite pests being a nuisance, they can lead to loss of value of your property. Worse yet, they can cause deadly diseases like Malaria, Salmonella, and Hantavirus. In light of this, any pest prevention technique is a worthwhile pursuit for a healthier home during winter and beyond.

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