How to Minimize Shoplifting and Theft From Your Retail Business

How to Minimize Shoplifting and Theft From Your Retail Business

Theft is one of the biggest concerns of anyone with a retail business. Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely prevent things like shoplifting. The best way to deal with it is to make sure shoplifters and other thieves have as few opportunities to strike as possible. These are some ways you can keep shoplifting and theft from happening at your retail business.

Lock Items Up

Retailers know to protect high-value items, whether it’s locking them up in the back or putting them in cases that can only be opened with magnetic keys. It would be impractical to put everything under that much protection, but it’s definitely a good idea for things that are too valuable to leave to chance. Make sure any security tags are fastened on properly, any cases are secured, and other vulnerable areas aren’t left unchecked.

Post Discouraging Messages

There are people who are going to try to shoplift no matter what. However, you can appeal to people’s sense of morality or at least their sense of the law. Post signs warning that shoplifters will be prosecuted. Knowing that consequences are looming for stealing can do a lot for dissuading people.

Use Fencing

If you want to keep people out after hours, talk with a commercial fencing contractor about creating a secure perimeter. Combine this with security cameras and lights, and anyone who tries to break in won’t be able to get very far. The best fence design is one that’s strong without compromising the exterior look of your store.

Security Guards

Security is an important presence for preventing shoplifting. If someone enters a store and sees they’re being watched by at least one person, it can make them think twice about pocketing something. Many businesses use store detectives who will dress in plainclothes and keep their eyes peeled for shoplifters. When someone tries to leave, they can be stopped by these detectives.

Put Customers on Display

Shoplifters aim to not be noticed. A shoplifter’s dream is a store with few employees on the floor, poor lighting, and no greeting. When someone enters your store, they should know they’ve been noticed. This isn’t so you can point to them as a shoplifter, but just so you’re aware of what’s going on with your business. A shoplifter might lose their nerve when they see there’s no easy way to hide. Think about the design of your store too. Short shelves and a generally open design could keep thieves at bay. Just don’t let your employees get hurt trying to accost shoplifters.

While the hope is that everyone who comes to your store is there to buy something or at least isn’t there to steal, you can’t be sure of anyone. Putting in these measures will help there to be as few opportunities for shoplifters to strike as possible. That way, you can make sure your business and its inventory are protected.

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