Tool Kits to Have On Hand If You Like to Woodwork

Tool Kits to Have On Hand If You Like to Woodwork

In woodwork, many tools are required for one to come with different types of finished wood products. There are tools for finishing, measurement, assembling, planning, filling, and sanding. However, some woodwork tools can serve more than one purpose.

Below is a list of tools to have on hand if you like woodwork.


A jigsaw is an electric power tool designed to make curved, serpentine, or straight cuts through a woodblock and is a crucial tool for woodwork. You should ensure that you purchase a quality jigsaw that can serve you for a long time. Jigsaw makes a back and forth or up and down motion when cutting a workpiece.

Jigsaw is also used to cut other materials like plastics and metal. However, different tooth composition blades should be used in various materials when you want to make intricate cuts. Jigsaw is mostly operated with one hand, which allows you to hold the working piece with the other hand.


A hammer has two sides. One side has a round base and is mainly used to drive nails inside an object, while the other side has a v-shaped design and is mostly used to remove nails from an item.

Tape Measure

There are different types of tape measures. Tape measures are designed to put measurements from one point to another. However, for woodwork, consider purchasing a tape measure, which is at least twenty-five feet long.

Chisel and Wood Mallet

Chisels are used for saw cuts and to clean up joints. Most chisels are double-sided on the cutting edge, and they come in different sizes to serve different purposes. The best ones are those made of vanadium chromium alloy steel or high alloy carbon steel with hard wooden grips covered with metal caps.

Wooden mallets are used for hammering the chisel when making cuts on a wooden workpiece.

Layout Square

The layout square is triangular and is used when you want to put square cuts on a workpiece. There are two types of layout square sizes i.e. 6” and 12”. However, the most commonly used size is 6” because it is portable, and also most of the work pieces you’ll use will be no longer than that. Other types of modern square from Ross Craft Innovations, can also be used in woodworking.

In conclusion, there are more modern tools one can use as a beginner. However, these modern tools are a bit expensive. Most of these modern tools also have high accuracy and are very efficient.

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