What Are You Smoking? Understanding What All Is In Your E-Liquid

What Are You Smoking? Understanding What All Is In Your E-Liquid

E-Liquid contains many ingredients, and understanding what goes into different kinds of e-liquid can help you make decisions about which type you buy. Some of the main ingredients are vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), nicotine, flavorings, and water. 

How Is E-Liquid Made?

It is important for you as a consumer to know how companies make e-liquid. The process is lengthy, and you have to measure the ingredients meticulously before mixing. A small amount of flavoring is usually added to the VG and PG base and then mixed well. Then the required amount of nicotine is added and shaken well so that the ingredients are blended thoroughly. It is then left to enrich the flavor for several days.

VG vs PG

VG and PG are both vape juice bases, but they vary in some important ways. VG has no flavor and will therefore have little effect on your e-liquid. If there is instead more PG in your e-liquid, then the final product will be a thinner liquid, which will give you thinner clouds when vaping. PG will also make it easier to clean your e-cig. With more VG, you get bigger clouds and a sweeter taste making it unsuitable for use with many flavors.

PG and VG are often combined, but the ratios vary wildly from brand to brand and even flavor to flavor. Usually, one is more concentrated than the other.

Unflavored Nicotine Base

Most commercially available types of e-liquid contain nicotine, though there are some without. The nicotine in your vape juice will be an unflavored liquid that is added to the VG and/or PG base along with flavorings. If you’re wanting to make DIY vape juice, which is an option, you’ll use 200 mg/ml unflavored nicotine base or another strength of nicotine base. 

DIY Vape Juice

If you’re making DIY vape juice, it would help if you did the blending in a well-ventilated area or a laboratory and using the appropriate materials, information, and tools. Ensure there are no pets or children nearby who have access to an exit. Mixing your e-liquid offers a unique experience, and it could also lead to starting your own business. However, you should first research and acquire all the knowledge required and observe caution and warnings.

For safety, you should dilute your nicotine to lower proportions. The recommended density is between 6mg/ml to 12mg/ml nicotine. Additionally, you should not mix flavors from different brands.

When you make your mixture, you should take the following precautions since high content nicotine is not for direct use. You should keep out of reach of pets and children and avoid any contact with your skin. In case of contact with skin, you should wash with running water while you should rinse with water for 15minutes in case of contact with your eyes. If you inhale or take orally, you should immediately seek medical advice.

There are many ingredients that go into your e-liquid, and understanding what they are has several benefits for you. Whether you’re buying your e-liquid or making it yourself, do so safely and with a full understanding of what is in your vape juice.

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