Planning An Addition To Your Home? 4 Ways To Save Time On Construction

Planning An Addition To Your Home? 4 Ways To Save Time On Construction

If you find that your home is getting a little cramped and you don’t want to move, your best option is to construct an addition. Once you choose this course of action, you want to move quickly so that you can take advantage of this extra space as soon as possible. By taking certain actions throughout the construction process, you can help your addition come in ahead of schedule. To expand your house quickly, here are four ways to save time on the construction of a home addition.

Make it Separate

Though an addition that’s attached to and accessible from your existing home is the most common type of addition, you can also gain valuable usable space by building your addition separately. This will help to save time because you won’t have to make any modifications to your existing home to help incorporate the new addition. To help combine the two units, you can construct a covered breezeway to allow you to move back and forth between the buildings in all types of weather.

Build it in Advance

Another great way to save time on construction is to use pre-fabricated components as much as possible. These components are built off-site and then simply dropped in place once they arrive at your home. You can use pre-fabricated floor trusses and roof trusses as well as walls, door frames, and a variety of other components.

Go With the Pros

Constructing an addition to your home can be a great way to flex your do-it-yourself muscle. If you’re trying to complete your addition quickly, though, it’s typically best to let the pros do as much work as possible. Though you can assist with certain elements to help save costs, professional contractors will be able to get the job done quickly because they have years of experience and the proper tools to do the job.

Keep it Simple

Though a home addition can ultimately take on any form that you want it to, that doesn’t mean it has to be extravagant. Keeping your addition fairly simple will keep construction costs low and help increase the speed of construction. If you design your addition correctly, you may be able to add more extravagant elements once the addition has been completed, allowing you to still fulfill your dreams while enjoying a fast construction timeline.

Make a Plan

Before you decide on contractors, materials, or a design for your addition, it’s important to have a plan. Set goals regarding budget and timeline to give you a jumping-off point as you enter into fleshing-out the minute details. This will help you make decisions based on your original goal rather than changing your plan for every little unexpected occurrence that pops up.

There are a lot of ways to speed up your construction time. Using professional builders and planning in advance means a short wait for your renovations to be completed. Take smart shortcuts like keeping your layout simple, building a detached addition, or looking for prefabricated components where possible. Using these tips you can enjoy your new bathroom, sunroom, bedroom, or whatever addition you want most in no time.

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