4 Adventures To Go On If You Want To Feel Like You're In An Action Movie

4 Adventures To Go On If You Want To Feel Like You’re In An Action Movie

Who doesn’t love a good action movie? If you really want to feel like you are one of the characters in your favorite movie, you can. Try out one of these four adventures listed below that will make you feel as if you are in your own action movie.

Rock Climbing

This is the perfect activity if you want to feel as if you are escaping from a villain or hunting for a treasured artifact. You will have to scale the side of a mountain, hill, or cliff while only being held by rope and your climbing partners. In addition to being exciting, rock climbing is a great form of exercise. Many climbers find it more satisfying than simply hitting the gym. 

Even a fear of heights doesn’t have to stand in your way. You can use rock climbing as a way to push past your fears. Start with smaller, easier climbs until you’re comfortable, then increase the height and challenge level of your climbs as you gain experience.


There are quite a few action movies that feature flying scenes. You can go on your own flying adventure by going skydiving. You can either choose to skydive on your own or tandem skydive with another person. It’s the perfect way to see the surrounding landscape of an area and get your adventure fix all at the same time. While you’ll usually jump with an instructor your first time, you can also take classes to get licensed and certified and become an experienced jumper.


This adventure will provide the ultimate rush if you are looking for a way to feel light on your feet. Even beginners can have fun snowboarding. If you’ve never been snowboarding before, you may want to take a few lessons beforehand. This should be simple as most ski resorts offer some starting classes. In no time at all you should feel like a pro and be able to glide down a mountain just like you would in an action movie.


The feeling of zipping down a line through a canopy of trees will provide you with the ultimate rush of adrenaline. There are numerous places that you can go zip lining throughout the world. Be forewarned though that some zip lines can go around 100 mph! If you are wanting to go on a high-speed adventure, then zip lining is definitely the way to go. This is an adventure that requires very little on your part; once you’re strapped in, you just have to enjoy the view—and the speed.

If you are looking for an adventure, you don’t just have to settle for watching an action movie on television. You can try one of the adventures listed above. Many of these activities don’t require a lot of training. They will allow you an easy way to get the adrenaline rush that you’ve been craving. You may like the feeling of being in your own action movie so much that you want to partake in these adventures again and again.

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