Motorcycle Safety Tips For A Long Trip

Motorcycle Safety Tips For A Long Trip

One of the famous quotes by Dan Aykroyd, a renowned Canadian actor, producer, musician, comedian, and filmmaker, says, “you don’t need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any kind of motorcycle.” It doesn’t matter whether you own a standard bike, sportbike, or a scooter. There’s nothing that feels better than riding your motorcycle on an open road. If you are planning for a long trip with your bike, it’s important to remind yourself of motorcycle safety tips because a long-distance ride with a motorcycle is different from a 20-minutes ride back and forth to the office.

Inspect Your Ride

The most important thing to do before hitting the road is to ensure your bike is in good condition. Some of the things you should check out include lights, mirrors, tire pressure, oil, tire tread, and chain. If something needs replacement, do it before starting your trip. Besides servicing your motorcycle, Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers recommend that you get the right insurance cover for your bike.

Dress Appropriately

Another essential thing to do when going for a long trip with a motorbike is to dress appropriately. Consider wearing a comfortable t-shirt, riding pants, a full-face helmet, ankle boots, and a comfortable jacket. As a part of your dressing, you may consider wearing bright colors or a reflective vest to make it easy for other road users to see you.

Limit Your Speed to Your Skill Level

Know your riding abilities and stick to them. Choose a bike and route where you can ride comfortably. Also, ensure that you limit your speed to a level where you are comfortable. Bike-riding is a skill that you learn and perfect with time. If you are riding with friends, don’t push yourself to keep up with the group. Instead, focus on your safety and the safety of other road users.

Take Breaks

Many people can handle a ten-hour drive in a car. However, ten hours on a motorcycle can be extremely exhausting for riders. The best way to protect yourself from having saddle sores is by taking regular breaks. Use the breaks to fill your tank, stretch, or even grab something to eat. After riding for several hours, resting will help you regain the mental concentration you need while riding.

Earplugs are Vital

Riding at high-speed for long distances can damage your hearing. Besides, the loud noise from the wind and the bike can cause exhaustion. You may consider wearing earplugs to make your ride more comfortable.

To make your trip successful, take your bike to a service center for a thorough checkup. Your motorcycle may require a little tweaking before hitting the road. Carry all essential spare parts to ensure that you have a smooth ride.

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