Why You Should Not Drive While Taking Marijuana

Why You Should Not Drive While Taking Marijuana

Most drivers understand that they should never operate a vehicle while under the influence. Though most drivers take this “influence” to mean alcohol, “under the influence” can also refer to the influence of marijuana. Though some drivers are under the impression that weed has no effect on their driving, this isn’t true. The following information details exactly how marijuana affects the quality of one’s driving:

Marijuana Impairs Your Judgement

Though you may feel that you aren’t negatively affected by marijuana, experts agree that marijuana impairs one’s judgment. Statistics show that drivers under the influence of marijuana are on average twice as likely to be involved in an accident as drivers that are sober. This alarming statistic shows just how much of an impact marijuana has on a driver’s capabilities.

Drivers typically sober up after 3-4 hours of consuming marijuana. Avoid a potentially harmful situation by staying off the road or steering clear of weed.

Driving While High Can Lead to a DUI

DUI’s are often given to drivers that are intoxicated with alcohol but are also used for drivers that prove to have marijuana in their system. As marijuana is a substance that impairs the ability to drive, it’s possible to receive a DUI if you’re found to be driving high. If you live in a state where the use of marijuana is legalized, this doesn’t change the legality of driving while high. Likewise, as the recreational use of marijuana isn’t legal in every state, you may find yourself in need of a traffic ticket lawyer and facing greater penalties if you’re driving in a state where use and possession of marijuana are illegal.

Weed Puts You and Other Drivers at Risk

In addition to the fact that marijuana affects your ability to drive properly, driving under the influence of weed puts others on the road in danger as well. As marijuana impairs a driver’s motor coordination and ability to react, driving while high poses a great danger to other drivers and pedestrians. Even if you feel as though you’re more focused while high, you’re actually susceptible to more dangerous situations. As weed impairs drivers’ ability to handle mindless tasks like driving in the same lane, driving while high can cause dangerous and even fatal situations.

Don’t put yourself or others on the road at risk by driving under the influence of marijuana. Keep this information in mind and remember to drive safely.

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