4 Reasons Women Seek Breast Augmentation

4 Reasons Women Seek Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery offers patients the chance to change their appearance as they see fit. Though many choose to use plastic surgery for different areas of their body, one of the most popular reasons is to increase the size of one’s breasts. Every woman has their own reasons as to why they’re interested in this type of surgery. Below are four of the most common.

Increase Small Breast Size

The most common reason most women choose to invest in breast augmentation is to increase the size of their smaller breasts. Many women that have underdeveloped breasts as a result of micromastia choose to use this surgery to go up a few cup sizes. Similarly, women that simply want to have a larger chest opt to use plastic surgery to do so.

Eliminate Excess Skin

Women that experience extreme weight loss may have excess skin pockets as a result of losing so much weight. This excess skin can make one uncomfortable after losing so much weight. In this situation, plastic surgery helps to restore a client’s confidence as the surgery will remove this excess skin and leave them with a fuller chest. This increased fullness combined with recent weight loss is what many women look forward to as a result of their augmentation.

Get Fullness Back

As plastic surgery is commonly used to replace the fullness in one’s breasts, many mothers choose to use this surgery after pregnancy. It isn’t uncommon for a woman’s breasts to sag as a result of pregnancy due to a change in hormones and breastfeeding. This causes breasts to lose volume, droop, and get smaller. Mothers can combat this lack of volume by using an augmentation to restore their breasts to the same level of perkiness they enjoyed before pregnancy.

Make Breasts Symmetrical

Just as some women are born with smaller breasts as a result of genetics or a medical condition, others have asymmetrical breasts. While most breasts are different sizes, women that have noticeably asymmetrical breasts may feel too self-conscious about this lack of balance. This is especially true for those who have had to have a breast removed due to breast cancer. Surgeries like augmentation can help these women feel more confident again by allowing them to feel balanced as the plastic surgeon makes both breasts identical.

Plastic surgery can help you achieve the look and body that you’ve always wanted. Let this guide inspire you as you decide what step to take in your plastic surgery journey.

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