4 Ammo Types to Buy in Bulk For Apocalypse Prep

4 Ammo Types to Buy in Bulk For Apocalypse Prep

When most people think of apocalyptic events or worlds, they envision scenarios in which resources might be scarce. Stocking up on essentials for these kinds of things can be an important part of making a new life in a new environment. Ammunition for firearms may be one of these essentials for a variety of reasons from hunting to defense. Here are just four types of ammo to buy in bulk for your apocalypse prep.

.308 Winchester

The .308 Winchester is considered a round common in firearms that are intended for military use. One of the top reasons to consider buying this kind of ammo in bulk is its versatility. Long guns that can use .308 range from single-shot rifles to more contemporary automatic firearms, and you may have several kinds of these tools in your arsenal already. The .308 strikes a good balance between accuracy and power. This cartridge should be sufficient for much of the game you might hunt in North America and other parts of the world.

9mm Luger

One of the best reasons to check out bulk 9mm Luger ammo for sale is that it is widespread in various parts of the world. Both handguns and some submachine types can use this ammo, thus making it a versatile choice for your needs. In many cases, pistols that use 9mm Luger ammo tend to have large-capacity magazines that mean fewer reloads for you between shots. Being able to use more ammunition before your chamber is empty could make all the difference in an apocalyptic scenario.

12-Gauge Shells

It’s a good idea to pick at least one close-range ammunition type to buy in bulk for the apocalypse. The 12-gauge is one of the most common bores for shotguns that you will find, and you can stock up on buckshot for large animals, standard slugs, and specialty rounds such as rubber that you can tailor to fit the situation you have.

.38 Special

In an apocalypse scenario, buying .38 ammo in bulk to prepare is always a good idea. However, picking ammunition types that should be common and easy to find when you need them is also something to consider. In addition to small handguns, there are several kinds of rifles that can use this ammo. As an added incentive, any firearm that is chambered for .357 ammo can also use these cartridges.

Ammunition can make security and the gathering of food resources somewhat easier in an apocalypse scenario. Having different types of ammo in your stock of supplies might help you ensure that you have enough of a variety to meet the different needs you face.

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