4 Guns That Work for Both Hunting and Personal Defense

Hunting and personal defense are two of the major functions that firearms are meant to fill. While it is common to choose a set of guns for one purpose or the other and switch them out as needed, some people prefer to purchase models that can work well for both of these roles. There are a few things that might make a firearm suitable for both applications, and you can find just four possible models here.


There is no single rifle that is the best choice for a dual-purpose firearm. The choice you make depends on the setting in which you live. While you won’t want to use your rifle for indoor defense, it can do a great deal to deter those trying to break in or in other long distances. In most cases, you will want to choose a contemporary tactical rifle with a barrel that is shorter than the kind you find on more traditional hunting rifles. This feature on a long gun can help you strike a balance between hunting accuracy over great distances and a firearm that isn’t too cumbersome should you need to use it at home. If you live in an area with neighbors and other houses close by, choose a caliber that is not meant to penetrate walls.


At first glance, this choice might seem like an odd one to some gun hobbyists. However, 9mm handguns can serve dual roles as hunting or home defense firearms. The somewhat ubiquitous presence of different 9mm handguns, modifications, and ammunition work together to make it a good choice for your own defense, but it is also something you can use in the woods if you are after small game. If you need to hunt pests and small critters at close range, standard 9mm ammunition should be sufficient for your needs.


Like rifles, the type of shotgun you choose for defense and hunting will depend on where you are and the kind of game you are after. For example, there are different laws that tell you how many shells you can load into the firearm depending on the kind of waterfowl you are hunting. Again, it is a good idea to get a gun with a barrel that provides a balance between tight and open spaces. Plating that protects the parts of the firearm from the elements is also a good call.


A 10mm handgun with a load at full power packs at least as much of a punch as the standard .357 firearm. It also has the advantage of being a compact pistol that can work well for personal defense. The 10mm should be adequate for animals such as wild hogs, deer, or other critters of similar size.

Many gun hobbyists enjoy a bit of hunting, and just as many people are concerned about personal safety and how best to achieve it. With some of the guns from the list above, there is no need to purchase two separate categories of products or wonder if you are carrying the right firearm for the job.

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