The reasons why expert laser printer repair is needed in offices

Computers are considered to be the best invention for several reasons and found nearly everywhere, whether it is a house, offices, schools, factories, hotels, or airports. Apart from computers, there are several other input and output devices which came into existence such as printers, scanners, speakers, and desktop cameras. Of all devices, printers gained massive success as it gave the ability to the user to print anything and everything using a printer.

A printer is an output device that takes in commands from the computer in the form of electronic data which can be anything from text, numbers, graph, and picture, and then print a hard copy of it. Traditionally printers used to be quite big and required wires and training to operate it, but nowadays printers are quite advanced and can even print wirelessly. There are a wide variety of printers, and each serves a specific purpose depending on size, speed, and features. The two common types of printers used widely in household and offices include inkjet printers and laser printers.

The inkjet printers from the name mean that it uses liquid ink to transfer the electronic from the computer on the paper. The inkjet printers were second generation printers after the dot matrix printers, which was quite a low cost. The inkjet sprays the ink from the cartridge in the form of tiny dots as the paper passes through the printer. The laser printer, on the other hand, uses a toner to display an image. A toner is an electrically charged powder that forces the text, numbers, or image on the paper due to heat during the printing purpose. A laser beam is redirected from the mirror to attract the ink to the paper as it rolls over the drum of the printer. The few differences between the inkjet and laser printer are

  • The inkjet printers are ideal for a small quantity of printing, which can be a personal or school document. The laser printers are known for both its quantity and quality of printing and can print quickly in a short period
  • The ink cartridges used in the inkjet printers are quite economical but needs to be replaced quite often. The toners used in the laser printers are expensive but can be used for a longer time.
  • The laser printers are quite faster and best for use in offices that require to print large volumes of paper in a day. The inkjet printers are slower and require the paper to be refilled constantly.

The laser printers are, without a doubt, the best device to have, but all the speed, accuracy, quality, and sophistication comes at a price, and that is regular repair and maintenance. Common printing problems common in other printers are also found in laser printers. The offices that depend on seamless work through a printer should hire companies that offer efficient printer repair so that their work is not disturbed and delayed. The common laser problems that require laser printer repair California include

  • Paper jams

One of the most common printer problem faced by people all over the world is ‘paper jams’ which can be caused by numerous reasons such as

  • Paper not placed correctly
  • The sheet of paper is torn, dirty and curled at the edges
  • The rollers of the printer are damaged
  • The printer is not clean
  • Any small object is blocking the clear entry and exit of the paper
  • When the printer takes two papers at once instead of one
  • Paper is quickly inserted while the printer is running

The printer technician would first gently take out the toner and then remove the paper stuck into the printer; he would use a pair of tweezers to take out a paper which is hard to reach by hand. The printer technician would also replace any damaged printer part and advice the person to use good quality paper.

  • The toner is smearing the ink

It happens many times that the toner is not sticking ink correctly and smearing on the paper; this problem is mostly caused due to defective toner and old fuser assembly. The printer technician will remove the toner and gently shake it and place it back, and then see if the toner works correctly or not. If the toner still smears the page, then he would replace the old cartridge with the new one.

  • Printer not working

One common problem faced mostly by employees in offices is that the printer does not respond to the commands. In offices, there are multiple printers which may be configured to a particular network. The employees should make sure that the laser printer is properly connected and configured to their desktop computer or laptop. The computer system also needs to be updated; otherwise, the printer may not print. The printer technician will ensure the printer connection and if the printer software is installed and updated.

  • The printer is working quite slowly

The printer working slowly can be due to different reasons and depend on the make and model of the laser printer. Many times the printer may work slowly to print high quality prints. The printer technician would change the settings to ‘Fast Draft’ to help a person use it to print everyday documents

  • Poor print quality

The faded print on the paper and poor quality usually happen due to changes in the print settings and quality of the paper. The printer technician would change the low toner print setting.

  • Low ink warning

People many times replace the toner but still come across ‘low ink warnings’ and to change the toner. The reason for low ink can be due to defective toner. The printer will check the toner and then reset the printer, which will fix the issue.

Laser printers are essential devices in offices to get print of documents, financial statements, performance reports, quotations, and other work related documents. The advantages of laser printer repair California include

  1. The printer technician know about printer settings and familiar in troubleshooting and resolving a wide range of printing issues
  2. The printer technicians have skills and training to repair all the printer from different brands
  3. The repair of printers is done quickly so that the work of the office is not delayed.
  4. The printer technician uses genuine parts of the printers when repairing and replacing.

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Berry Johnson has been in the printer business for a considerable length of time and has seen a ton of advancement in the after-market industry. At first, he began with laser printer repair California after that moved into sales management and was later recruited into the laser printer industry.

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