We have broken down for you these four essential things to consider when buying a new Smartphone.

  1. Operating System

Probably the most basic thing to consider. Smartphones consist of two operating systems, apple’s IOS, and Google’s Android. Let’s begin with Apple’s IOS. The primary features consist of their app store where you can make purchases that are then linked to your Apple ID. Then there is the exclusivity of this operating system. What that means is that the IOS software is online in the apple products and nowhere else. On the opposite side of the coin, you have Google’s Android operating system which has the play store as its app marketing place, and android has multiple phones manufactures that each makes a wide range of devices that also add their own tuned flavors of android. Because of that, each android user’s experience as unique as the device provides a different experience and feature. There are other smartphone operating systems; however, they have fallen out of favor over time. IOS and android hands down rule the Smartphone operating system as of now.

  1. Price point

The price point is basically how much Smartphone costs. Under $300 is considered the budget end. Here you get a basic phone with simple features and decent experience with nothing standing out. The device can be slow or lack features beyond the usual essentials and will most likely last two years tops. Beyond that are the mid-range devices costing more than $300 and usually less than $600. These give the users a more robust experience and typically include more features than a basic phone. This is where you find models that are good at being a phone and great at particularly an area like a camera or display. They can probably last for three years before becoming very bugged out or slow. Then comes the flagship Smartphones. Where they seem to be great in almost all departments and also introduce new features that previous devices didn’t have. These phones maydays last for a long time before even needing to be replaced and usually provide the largest dollar amount when it comes to resale value. Speaking of price points, get amazing tech discount code coupons on hot coupons and buy your favorite phones now!

  1. Resale Value

This is that one point many people forget to consider and should be considered more because it will help you decide what the best value you are getting is. Much like a car you buy and then open the box and start using it, you lose a big chunk of money in depreciation, the longer you use the device,the more the value depreciates. After a year, the device can lose 1/3 of its value, the actual rate of depreciation varies, and you can’t predict it. However based on past data, I Phones and Samsung Galaxy S and Note devices retain their value the best.

  1. Features

It’s something we don’t talk about, but phones come in all shapes and sizes, and also they give us different features. Giant screens, dual cameras, dual-edge displays, and giant batteries. You may not like one particular feature, but you may like the other one.

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