Must Have Tools and Equipment for Plumbers

Plumbing issues in different houses and establishments vary, but the equipment and tools needed are the same. For you to be able to get the job done, here is a list of tools and equipment that you must have:

  • Pipe Wrench

This staple tool that you will find in every plumber’s toolkit is used to securely grip pipes that are made of galvanized steel. It is not advisable for you to use it for copper pipes because these are fragile and the wrench will leave teeth marks on them.

With its adjustable opening and jagged teeth, you can easily grip and turn the pipe. If you are thinking about a more convenient option, you can choose an adjustable wrench. It has a movable jaw that can be adjusted according to the size of the pipe. 

  • Cup plunger and flange plunger

Unclogging the sink and showers is made easy with a cup plunger. It is one of the plumbing tools that you will easily find in every home. This rubber cup-like tool comes with a wooden handle. You can also use it to clear clogs in tubs but you cannot use it in toilets.

There is a special tool that you can use to clear clogs in the toilet. These are called flange plungers. It is also used like other types of plunger but it comes with an extended rubber flap for the hole that can be found on bottom of the toilet bowl. 

  • Closet auger and Drum auger

A closet auger is a tool used in clearing clogs in toilets. It has a long metal rod that is used to reach into the bottom of the toilet bowl. You can easily push, rotate, and bend this metal rod through the clog. This is designed only for toilets and you cannot use it to clear clogs in tub drains and sink.

A drum auger is the perfect tool that can help you break clogs in sink. It also works like a toilet auger, but it is made of different materials. It has a flexible stainless steel cable that is arched within a drum canister. A thumbscrew is used to lock the cable to the canister. This way, you can easily bend it through the drain pipe. It is also designed with a corkscrew tip to enable you to pull out the clog. 

  • Rubber washers and O-rings

If you are dealing with leaky valves and old faucet, these traditional tools can help you solve the problem. Rubber washers and O-rings can help you create a watertight seal. These wax-coated strings can be purchased in different sizes. These can also be used in sealing other traditional equipment. 

  • Tubing cutter

If you need to cut a copper pipe, you will surely need a tubing cutter. It has cutting wheels that helps you cut the material easily and a flat pressure wheel that enables you to apply more pressure. All you need to do is to clamp the cutter onto a pipe and continuously tighten the knob as you rotate it and you will be able to cut through the copper pipe. 

  • Plumber’s tape

This silky white tape is used to wrap the parts of the pipes that will be put together. It helps prevent leaks and also acts as a lubricant to make it easier for you to seal connections. Since this product is being used in small quantity, small rolls of plumber’s tape are also being sold.

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