Follow These 10 Useful Tips & Save A Wad Of Cash While Travelling In Europe

Follow These 10 Useful Tips & Save A Wad Of Cash While Travelling In Europe

Travel doesn’t mean that you need to invest a whole lot of money for your trip. There is a bunch of misconception that is carried along with the word “Trip”. First of all, let’s just segregate the two things that is planning for the entire trip and the travel around the countries. When you are deciding everything to be under budget, you need to look for the cheapest source of travel from the beginning. Let’s say if you are travelling from Mexico, look for the cheapest flights from Cancun to London. The same goes with your accommodation, meals, sightseeing and shopping. Even if you deny yourself you cannot shy away from the shopping expenses while strolling the countryside. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot travel in peace. Have a look at some of the tips and tricks that you can apply on your upcoming trip.

  1. Exchange your Money well before time: Exchange the money in your own country to save on the currency exchange feesor credit card fees

at the airport or from any tourist portal. Thus, it would be better if you have already arranged for some amount before making departure from your country.

  1. Keep a check over food expenses:Avoid the high priced restaurants, bars, cafes etc. because these are costly and will leave a hole in your pocket. It is not a hidden fact that eating out in European continent is costly. So, go for the supermarkets because they are cheaper but the food will suffice your appetite to the best. If you have time, then search for some tourist spots who can provide you good quality meals on discounted rates.
  2. Get your Discount cards: Some of the countries in Europe provide a Discount card or City Card that gives concession on transport and sightseeing activities. Having these discount cards would keep your budget in check and your travel worries aside.
  3. Try to travel by foot: You can save a lot if you could have your excursions on foot. The roads around European countries are well maintained and could be easily travelled upon. Do not take any cab or bus while going for a short distance.
  4. Book your travels in advance: Of course, you are going to make advance booking of your flights from Dublin to Athens or London to Rome or from whichever country you are travelling from. The same goes with your train tickets if you going to board one from one country to another. Just browse some platforms, look around for deals and discounts and book your travel accordingly.
  5. Look for the entry days in museums: Though the entry is costly around the museums and other sightseeing places, there are few days when they offer free or lower fees for entrance. Check the fees well in advance. You need to be vigilant enough to track those days. Just beware that these days are going to be super crowded on these days. Thus, if you are looking for some peace then this is not the day.
  6. Try not to hop from one place to other: It would be better if you could complete a single place one at a time. Explore one region in depth and then go to another one. It would save a lot of cost while you don’t hop from one place to another. Doing this you can save a lot in the transportation.
  7. Take a tourist bus: It would be a more of an affordable option rather than booking a cab or such. It would be costlier for you. Public transportation is available if want to visit the small towns and rural sites. If a rental car is what you want to opt, then it would also be a poor choice in your budget-friendly travel. You have to bear the expenses for the gas and security. Take a subway like the locals and you are good to go.
  8. Take a brunch: It would be better if you could merge your breakfast and lunch. This would save the cost of your one-time meal. Skip the room service and take the buffet at the dining hall.
  9. Accommodation: Staying at high prices hotel is a complete no. You can spend all your money in your stay. You have other things to take care of as well. Try some lodges, B&B or share rooms to cut down on the cost.

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