Why Are Spiders Invading My Home

Why Are Spiders Invading My Home

Raise your hand if you have a fear of spiders. Don’t worry, you are not alone. One of the most common fears in the United States is focused on spiders. There is no wonder that so many people hate the idea of spiders making their way inside of their homes. Whether you are afraid of spiders or not, you probably would prefer that they do not come inside of your home. So, why are spiders invading my home?

The Weather is Changing

As the weather changes, spiders start looking for places to live. Just like humans, spiders don’t want to live outside in the rain or the snow. When the weather shifts, spiders will do whatever they can to make their way into your dry and warm home. This is usually the number one reasons that spiders have decided that your home makes a great home for them as well.

Small Cracks

Spiders like dark and cool places. The foundation of your home is usually a very dark and cool place. Spiders live primarily in the dirt next to your foundation wall because it is dark and cook. If there are small cracks in your foundation spiders are going to start to make their way into those cracks. The cracks are going to lead inside of your home. Once they get in your home, there are so many different places for them to make theirs. This is one of the reasons that you often find spiders in your basements.


Just like us, spiders have to eat. The only difference is that spiders eat other insects. Spiders are constantly looking for other insects to eat. Once one spider has made it into your home it is likely that others will as well as they are hunting food and can find other spiders inside of your home. It also should be noted that spiders are likely laying eggs inside of your home which makes the number of spiders multiply rather quickly.

What to Do

Waiting and telling yourself that the spiders are going to go away is silly. If nothing else, the number of spiders inside of your home is going to increase if nothing is done to make them go away. Hiring a Vancouver spider control company to come in and get rid of the spiders entirely is going to be your best option. As mentioned above, unless you get rid of all of the spiders you are going to continue to have a problem with spider infestations.

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