Healthy Meal Plan

Healthy Meal Plan

Healthee Kitchen has a healthy meal plan for everybody.   There is the Healthee weight loss meal plan; the Healthee lifestyle Meal plan; and the Active Lifestyle meal plan.  Each one of these plans can be ordered ahead of time to be delivered to your door step in time for the week to start.

Healthy Meal Plan

Menus come in three ranges:  the 1200-1400 calories; the 1600-1800 calories; and 2000-2200 calories.

The Healthee Kitchen week two healthy meal plan is like this:

Breakfast:  2 egg Greek style omelet with green onions, black olives, tomato, feta cheese and whole grain toast—a total of 280 calories

1st snack: is only 157 calories, a Healthy oatmeal muffin

Lunch:  A delicious chicken breast with couscous and assorted veggies; calories are a mere 355

2nd Snack:  Crackers with Feta cheese—160 calories

Dinner:  Salmon baked in the oven and a Caesar salad – calories are 326

Total daily calories are only 1278

This Healthee Kitchen meal plan is from the first tier of weight loss.

When you order your food be sure to give at least a 24-hour advance notice to that our chef can be certain to prepare your food fresh to order.  Delivery times are from 7PM to 11:59 PM the day after you order; that way you receive everything fresh made and ready for consumption. If you live in a condo or apartment, you can make arrangements with the manager or super of the building to meet the delivery person in case you are not going to be available for pickup; just inform on your delivery of the special arrangements made.

Another Healthy Lifestyle Meal Plan:

For less than $40 you will receive the following meal:

Breakfast: Mushroom and cheese crepes made from whole-wheat and home-made with mushroom, onion, and cheddar cheese

1st snack:  is plain yogurt with some fruits and nuts

Lunch:  Some whole wheat pasta and seafood mix

2nd snack:  some crackers with feta cheese

Dinner:  a 120 g beef stew with veggies

You can order a full week worth of meals on the Active Lifestyle Meal Plan for only $294.  This is a full week’s meal plans from Monday to Sunday.  Healthee Kitchen only askes that you not order this large of an order after 5 PM the preceding Sunday.

How you eat on a daily basis is a very important part of your lifestyle.  Eating right can ensure we live a happy, healthy and successful life as well.  However, just the opposite is true if we are not eating healthy.

It is the vision of the Healthee! Kitchen that they create a healthier Canada, one healthy meal time at a time.  Eating healthy and creating healthy eating habits for every day will eventually become habit and it won’t be such a chore to think of what you want to eat any more.  Just go online to the Healthee! Kitchen website and order your healthy meal plans each week and you will be losing weight, feeling great, and having more energy to do the things you love!

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