How To Choose Best Wedding Pictures

How To Choose Best Wedding Pictures

Wedding pictures are a vivid way for the special couple, along with family and friends, to relive their special day over and over. While wedding photographers can be pricey, the photos they capture are absolutely priceless.

            Wedding pictures showcase the bride and groom during the ceremony and at the reception, along with all of their friends and family in attendance. Some of the photos that are necessary to snap on the big day include:

  • The bride with all of her bridesmaids
  • The groom with his groomsmen
  • Exchanging vows
  • The ceremonial kiss
  • The first dance
  • Group family pictures
  • And all of the other wonderful moments

            Wedding pictures include a lot of touching moments throughout the night, but it is also important to get photos of the entire setup, including:

  • The bouquet
  • The bride’s hairdo
  • Both the bride’s and the groom’s rings together
  • The ceremony venue setup
  • Centerpieces
  • The cake
  • The decorated reception area
  • Any small, beautiful decorative details

            Wedding pictures are such an important part of the experience, yet most couples do not know the correct timeline for planning. A couple should start looking for a wedding photographer about a year out from the big day, but should have someone booked for the event at least nine months out. When it comes to the big day, the wedding photographer should be booked for about eight hours to get all of the best shots. Eight hours is sufficient time to get bride and groom photos, the men and women to get ready, the ceremony, travel time to the reception, and for the reception. The couple will want every moment documented, so it is important to build in a little extra time to cushion potential mishaps along the way and still allow comfort.

            Wedding pictures are a personal piece of a very special day that the couple will want to ask themselves some questions while researching and meeting with various wedding photographers.

  • Do our personalities match?
  • Have they addressed all of our concerns?
  • Is this photographer open with communication?
  • Has the photographer shown skill in our preferred photography style?
  • Is the written contract clear and concise?
  • Does the photographer have proper insurance?

            Wedding pictures are typically taken by one or two photographers during each of the different wedding events, but there is also another popular method in addition to the professional photographer. A lot of younger couples have recently been a part of a new trend of having a photo booth set up during their reception. Guests love putting on silly props and posing to have additional casual, candid photos. Whether it is a professional booth or a DIY booth, having eccentric photos to look back on is a fun twist to the traditional photos that are taken at every wedding.

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