Mobile Apps Predict a Healthier Future Generation

Mobile Apps Predict A Healthier Future Generation

A research survey states that more than 96% of the consumers today are using healthcare apps, as they believe the mobile devices are enhancing the quality of their applications. It is stated that about 60% of the population uses them to monitor their activity and the workouts; 49% counts their calorie burn and 42% uses them to monitor their weight loss. Healthcare Application development companies are increasing day by day as more medical applications are being used by the patients and consumers today. The real life benefits of healthcare apps are immense.

Unmatched Benefits For Patients And Healthcare Providers

  • These apps could be used to store their medical history, take appointment of their physicians, contact doctors across the globe for second opinions, avail medicines through registered pharmaceuticals, get latest news in the medicine, and more.
  • Further, the doctors have stated that they are convenient to talk with their patients and make them accountable to manage the health, and several patients are asking about the health apps relevancy and there are patients who are quite demanding for an app.
  • The experts are of opinion that the use of Health apps is not the highlight of technology, but a well-designed co-ordinated process. Several healthcare providers are shifting to this value-based system as it keeps the patients healthier and reduce the costs too. As a result, there is great demand for mobile app Development Company, as more and more healthcare providers are becoming dependent on apps for their patients’ convenience.
  • The studies also indicated that there was less hospital admissions, shorter lengths of stay, cut down in the cost of medical expenses of the patients enrolled with the app. A literature survey published by the researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine states that the text messages sent to the patients’ mobile phones were more effective in smoking cessation, create awareness about ill-effects of narcotic drugs and alcoholic drinks.
  • It has a positive impact on the knowledge, self-management and behavioral changes among the app users related to healthy eating, physical activity, exercise and other health activities. It is becoming an effective tool at the point of care. It is helpful in monitoring remote patient for self-management of diseases.

Further, we witness that the healthcare apps developed on Android platforms are more in demand and the number. Android developer share a huge market penetration as compared to other platforms as it is easily used by most of the consumers. It is more secure for payment transactions and reliable for flexible features. The digital interventions in the field of medicine promise a healthy future by creating awareness and manage diseases easily at the point of care.

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