How To Deal With Your Anxiety Right Before The Examination Day.

Your big day is round the corner. Nope, not to tie the knot but something bigger. It is your exam day!

Well, if you’re reading this article a few days before your exam, well done. You have additional advantage up your sleeves as you’re ahead of your peers. It means you’ve started your preparation or you’ve started to think about preparing for your exam, which is great. So, first of all, sit back and take a deep breath and read further to know as to how to deal with anxiety on the day before your exam.

Plan ahead

We have heard the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’ almost hundreds of times, haven’t we? Well, the saying is true with relation to exams too. Planning ahead of your exams and charting out a schedule to start your preparation would be a very smart thing to do which would give you ample time to prepare. When you’re confused or tensed, just have a look at your plan and you can take a deep breath again that everything’s under your control.

Stick to your plan

After you design your plan for preparing for the big exam, resist the temptation to slow down and postpone or run through the preparation like as if you’d miss the plane. Just stick to your plan, breathe again and carry on. You’re doing just right!


Well, yes. Revision and repetition is very effective and would help you to remember and retain all that information which you’ve so painstakingly and sincerely learnt all along these days. Otherwise After reading the questions you fell a sort of blank in your mind. You may end up making some mistakes with your student essay.

Eat well

Keep your tummy happy and your brain would be bustling with energy and firing commands at you to pounce on your books. Glucose is essential for your brain to work so don’t starve and eat healthy. Do not succumb to heavy meals as they would make you feel sleepy which we do not want at all.

Stay Away From Social Media

Come on. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? How many times do we login to facebook or twitter and see the wailings of classmates about the huge syllabus or the wastefulness of preparing for exams and comment on them and take our own exams light too? So, try to limit your frequency of logging in to the social media sites so that you do not lose your vigour to study and accomplish your plan.

Every Friend counts

During exams… do we really need? Sometimes life is very hard as a economics student. The friends who call you every five minutes to just ask if you’re studying, the other who messages on whatsapp as to what the syllabus is, yet another who asks as to on what date the exam is. The gem of them all are the friends who ask you silly doubts and eat your time and brain. So, we leave the option to you.


Yes! Sleep. Sleep not only refreshes you and keeps the dark circles on bay, it also re-energises your brain and you would be recharged to start your next session of study. So, do not sacrifice your sleeping time.

And in case you’re reading this article just the day before your exam, well, chill again.

In addition to eating well, breathing and staying away from social media sites and discouraging peers, sit back and chart out a plan for today. Make a check list with all the topics you want to study or revise and follow it.

Have a good sleep and voila! Your big day has finally arrived.

All the best!

This blog is written by Bella Williams , who is private tutor in Information Technology at Expert Assignment Help and loves working with students to help them out with IT assignments and software packages for their capstone projects. She breathes and lives around international students and understands their problems. She also conducts educational tours for students during vacation.

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