Is Vegetable Glycerin Bad For You?

After years of being conditioned by the news and internet to fear all kinds of foreign chemicals, it’s fair to ask whether or not vegetable glycerin (VG) is really safe for you. Ultimately, the answer is yes, it is safe. But don’t take our word for it. Take a few minutes to read the following so that you understand what VG is used for and how it affects your health.

Is Your e-Liquid VG Actually Bad for You?

Vegetable glycerin has been tested and studied under a wide variety of conditions for consumption and has shown few signs of health risks when associated with the vapor.

3 Things You Should Know About VG

If you intend on educating yourself on vegetable glycerin, here’s what you you should know about the ingredient that is used in most, if not all, e-cigarette liquids.

1. Vegetable Glycerin Uses

Throughout our lives, vegetable glycerin has been an ever-present force in consumer goods. Without even realizing it, we take in small amounts of vegetable glycerin in the packaged foods we eat and the toothpaste that we use. VG has a naturally sweet flavor that isn’t too overpowering, making it a regular option for use as a light sweetener in some foods. The United States Food and Drug Administration has long since approved vegetable glycerin for use based on long-term studies of exposure.

2. Propylene Glycol vs. Vegetable Glycerin

A new range of Max VG and 100 percent VG e-liquid products have hit the market in the last year or two. This movement has been pushed along for a number of reasons. First and foremost, propylene glycol and VG have slightly different viscosities and it changes the way they react to heat. Most people prefer VG for creating large vapor clouds. PG is more associated with a strong throat hit, which may be overpowering for some vapers.

3. VG Studies

To back all this up, there are several studies that are worth mentioning. For instance, a SIDS study showed that vegetable glycerin is less likely to irritate the skin and eyes when it comes in contact with your body. In fact, it was deemed so harmless that they declined to continue researching it at the time the study was conducted.

A Final Thought

So the next time somebody asks if vegetable glycerin is bad for you, you can safely say that it is not. All research says that this is actually one of the safest chemicals we come in contact with and use regularly. That’s why VaporFi has adopted quality VG as one of our key ingredients and we offer high-VG options for our customers.

Please keep in mind that not all e-liquids are made equally. In fact, the ingredients that are contained within your e-liquid may not be included in a different manufacturer’s ingredient list. VaporFi takes great pride in the ingredients that are used to ensure all customers have a safe vaping experience. Please visit our website to learn more about our ingredients and how we operate.

This article is provided by VaporFi – a vaping supply and e-liquid company operating in the United States and Australia.

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