SpaceCDN Review – Incredibly Fast CDN

My blog contains a lot of images and photo, so I needed not just a CDN, but a truly fast CDN. Searching was pretty hard, but finally I managed to find the company who provides the most beneficial conditions. SpaceCDN is a unique reseller, because it cares about customers and offers the whole gamut of high-quality networks for incredibly low prices.

I want to share my experience of working with SpaceCDN with you and explain how CDN helped my blog. But first I should explain what it is – not all people are actually aware of this great technology.

What is content delivery network?

Content delivery network, or simply CDN is a system that consists of the origin server and edge servers located in different PoPs (points of presence). This is not a type of hosting plan – CDN always comes as an additional service working together with user’s hosting plan (shared hosting, VPS, or a dedicated server). This technology is used to accelerate website and blog loading by serving the content from a server located as close to the visitor as possible.

It works the following way: the owner uploads some content on the origin server, and when a visitor sends a request for it for the first time, the asset is sent to him, being cached on the closest edge server. Next time, when someone else requests his asset, he will be quickly served this content, as it is already stored on the edge server.

Thus, the distance between the end user and the server reduces, and data has to travel less. Besides, CDN reduces the chance of data damage and loss. Most networks are created to deliver static content (images, CSS, JavaScript, etc),but there are also networks for the transfer of dynamic content, such as video on demand and live broadcasting.

How did it help my blog?

As I’ve mentioned, my blog needed proper acceleration. I optimized everything starting from image sizes and finishing by unnecessary plugins. But I couldn’t sacrifice content quality, because it was the main thing about my content. Since I needed a solution that would expand online presence and serve for the audience scattered around the world, I’ve ordered a network on SpaceCDN site with PoPs in Europe, USA, Latin America and Russia. The outcomes were fascinating:

  • The speed of most pages has been boosted by 50-70%. It made amazing difference in page loading, considering the fact that the size of some images exceeds 1 Mb, and there are videos in many posts.
  • My blog SEO rankings improved, and I even managed to get to the Top-10 in the list of relevant websites.
  • My permanent readers from different continents admitted that the pages started loading faster, even if accessed from smartphones and tablets.
  • Together with better loading speed, I acquired protection against DDoS attacks and malicious traffic. I have a lot on my plate, and organizing website security on my own would be a headache for me.

Besides, I should note that the network provide by SpaceCDN goes with incredible 24/7 customer support. Whenever I had any question, guys replied quickly and helped to solve different technical issues. During these months, I did not experience any serious problems with hosting and caching.

Need an affordable CDN? Consider SpaceCDN!

The hardest thing was to find a high-quality network with a great configuration and yet agreeable price. The choice of cool CDN solutions in SpaceCDN website really impressed me! I’ve managed to find the network that was perfectly tailored for my project and needs, and it took me a few minutes, because I contacted the support team. Now I can say that I will definitely continue working with them as I am satisfied with every aspect of their work.

24/7/365 customer support

I started conversation in Skype in 1.00 AM and didn’t expect a quick answer. However, the agents replied me within a couple of minutes and answered all my questions. I realized that it was possible to order a quality CDN for a few bucks a month together with many additional services and a wide coverage.

Great customer support is one of the strongest sides of SpaceCDN. But the team not only provides useful information, it also supplies technical support and backs you up when needed. Besides, they send email notification about resource limits, payment due dates, etc.  Handling hosting solutions has never been so easy for me!

Global coverage

SpaceCDN offered me a network that could cover the vast majority of regions. That’s what I needed! I had many readers in Europe and Latin America complaining about slow page loading, but after CDN implementation they changed their mind.

I was amazed by the fact that SpaceCDN provides networks comprising more than 200 PoPs. This is an opportunity to access target audience in any corner of the world, and such solution definitely helped me to attract thousands of new readers.

Free trial

As a beginner, I was a bit anxious: do I make the right choice? All my doubts were dispelled after 30 days free trial. I analyzed loading speed in different regions and concluded that it became twice faster. Besides, this period helped me to understand all peculiarities of CDN networks, and I learnt to use and alter network settings. Anytime I had questions, I got quick and ample answers from SpaceCDN support service.

Great price

The market of CDN is full of cheap and free networks. First, I wanted to order a free network, but after reading reviews and forums I’ve realized that it is not worth trying – free CDN either has minor speed acceleration, or provides poor coverage. Besides, reliability and security come at price, and smart developers should always be ready to pay. Once, I’ve noticed an advertisement claiming SpaceCDN provides Verizon CDNs for 20% of the price.

This is how I found the company and its solutions. It was a big surprise that the cheapest CDN on their website cost as low as $10 a month! Turns out, every company and individual can afford such solution. Today, I can assure you: CDN service is worth every single cent, because it provides an infinite range of benefits for online business.

Another small but valuable bonus is their website that has blog about CDN technologies. Being a starter, I didn’t know anything about CDN, but articles on SpaceCDN website helped me to understand what is what. I educated myself on terminology and peculiarities of content delivery networks, and learnt how to select CDN solution correctly.

SpaceCDN and the network they offered me have helped me to develop my blog and increase conversion rates considerably. Ordering a CDN became a milestone in the history of my online business. All in all, I can recommend SpaceCDN to those who need fast content delivery for a reasonably low price. You will get maximum benefit with minimum expenses. The choice of CDN solutions is so huge that you are likely to find an ideal variant.

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