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The Importance Of Bottle Coolers In Your Catering Business

When you work in the catering business, you’ll know that it’s essential to have the right equipment in order to run a professional and safe kitchen that delivers effectively for customers and is also compliant with health and safety legislation.

Catering establishments of all kinds regularly need to serve drinks whether they are cold fizzy drinks for kids or chilled white wine and cocktails. But how do you best keep drinks of all kinds chilled to the right temperature on a consistent basis? This is where bottle coolers come in.

The beauty of the bottle cooler

Professional bottle coolers will allow you to store chilled and bottled drinks so that they are ready to serve. This prevents you from needing to manually adjust and time refrigeration for the perfect service, as the bottle cooler does it all for you. Not only do these appliances take care of your bottle storage needs but they are also designed to show off your range of bottled drinks and act as a promotional aid displaying your bottled drinks.

Features to look out for

Each bottle cooler will have its own feature set. Good things to look for are adjustable shelves so that you can adapt the interior to the size of your bottles, ideal if you are serving tall bottles and need fewer shelves, or if you have lots of cans and can double up on shelves.

Internal lighting is worth checking carefully for your own particular needs. The right illumination will give you a superb display at the back of your bar and make the bottle cooler actually look like a feature. You’ll find silver and black finishes for the exterior which will help create the look that you want.

Design and location

Check out the range of under counter products too. These are for sale with single, double or triple door options and are ideal when you have a larger range of chilled drinks to store for service. The double or triple door versions also have sliding and hinged options. Sliding doors are really useful for a narrow galley-style bar or service layouts where there isn’t much space for passing traffic.

Wine models

Some bottle storage units are also specifically designed for wine service, offering full height and countertop options which can hold up to 90 bottles easily. There are even bottle dump top loaders which can hold up to 900 bottles. These are useful for large restaurants, bars and events.


Most bottle cooler appliances will come with a standard year’s warranty, although extended protection can usually be purchased for a premium. The coolers themselves are very easy to install and place, although you may want some assistance if you are planning to wall-mount in a rack style.

Remember to look out for special offers and deals, particularly if you are buying several units at once.

In conclusion, bottle cooler appliances will help you to serve chilled drinks instantly and professionally, whilst making the best of your service area. Click here to know more.

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