How To Celebrate 40th Wedding Anniversary

How To Celebrate 40th Wedding Anniversary

40Th wedding anniversary is a major milestone in your lives. After all, enjoying forty years as a couple is a great reason for celebration.

There are wonderful ways to celebrate both in traditional as well as unusual ways. Here is a list of symbols associated with a 40th wedding anniversary.


  • Traditional gift: Ruby
  • Modern gift: Ruby
  • Gemstone: Ruby as it carries inside an eternal red flame which symbolizes the deep passion you have for each other, even after 40 years.
  • Anniversary flowers: They are Nasturtiums. Ruby red roses can substitute if they are not available.

Ways to Celebrate:

  • Say it with flowers: A gift of a pot of nasturtium flowers would make a great 40th anniversary gift. If this is not feasible, you can go in for a bunch of 40 red roses. These day ordering fresh flowers is easy. You can send flowers to Jaipur using an online store that has links to a local florist.
  • Go for red theme: Use sparkly red glitter for cards, gift wraps, centre pieces, cards, balloons etc. Set the table with red table cloth, use crystal and china with red tints. Decorate with red coloured votive candles. Arrange flowers in vases of ruby red colour.
  • Renew your marriage vows: If you did not have a great ceremony the first-time round, it is not too late. Reprise your wedding day in the company of friends and family you have accumulated over the years.
  • Romantic candlelight dinner: Host a dinner at home with special food cooked for the occasion. Toast each other with ruby red wine.
  • Organize a picnic complete with red paper cups and plates.
  • Buy tickets for events like movie or concert and gift them to your spouse packed up in a small red coloured box.
  • Gift ruby red crystal, ruby red paper weights or ruby red wall décor items.
  • Ruby jewellery is the ultimate gift for each other.

What About a Party?

You may organize a party to celebrate 4 decades of love and commitment. Here are some ideas for a great party:

  • Location:You can combine formal with informal events. At first, you can hire a local company for party rentals to arrange a tent in your back yard. Organize a BBQ event or a four-course dinner depending on whether you want the party to be informal or formal.
  • Red theme: Go all out for red theme. Buy all party supplies like balloons, favours, streamers and centre pieces in white and red. Do anniversary cake order online which sticks to a red theme.
  • Favours: For these, you can order red and white candy like M&M’s and pack them in clear plastic bags as party favours. You can imprint the name of both husband and wife on such packets.
  • Centrepieces: Use red balloons or red candles as centrepieces.
  • Entertainment: Use the services of a DJ or a live band that can make a party much fun filled. Ask them to feature some retro music dating back by forty years.
  • Memories: Light up a party with a projection of memories of the couple including eventsrelatedto the past from wedding day to raising up children.

These are some ideas on how to celebrate a 40th wedding anniversary.

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