Remembering Mogalirekulu A Telugu Serial Which Taught Moral Values

Remembering Mogalirekulu: A Telugu Serial Which Taught Moral Values

Ever since the Telugu serial called Mogalirekulu started airing on Gemini TV from February 18, 2008, the viewers started getting hooked to their television screens. Such great was the storyline of the serial.

The name of the serial means a flower which blooms amidst thorns and snakes. Like the said flower Mogalirekulu, the lives of the characters also revolves around such incidents, which are nothing less than thorns and snakes, but still the characters stay strong and grows.

The storyline revolves around four orphans Dharma, Satya, Daya and their sister Shanti. Later, they are joined by their neighbor Keerthana. The hero and the most admired character of this serial was no doubt IPS officer R.K Naidu. The serial even showed a leap, with R.K’s son as the lead. Due to a certain role of events the son is brought up amongst criminals, but at the end of the day he retains his moral values and portrays his unbreakable bondage and infinite love. The dialogues are not of the typical bookish language, but are more real, which makes it easier for the audience to connect with the characters.

The Moral Values that Mogalirekulu Taught

There are various things that the viewers learned from the serial. Let me brief a few here.

  • Even if the situation around you is not right, you can still hold onto your morals. RK’s son was brought up by a don and lived in a criminal background. Still, the morals he portrayed throughout the serial, is something which we can learn from.
  • Even if you do not have everything, your deeds are your true identity. Dharma himself was an orphan, yet he took the responsibility of not only bringing up his two brothers and a sister but also a neighborhood girl, who was a victim of her mother’s innocent passion for music.
  • RK Naidu’s character showed us how work and family should be kept separate. He is shown as a responsible police officer, doing his duties properly. The role was played by Sagar. His acting talent made his character look real.
  • Munna, the son of RK Naidu, plans to attack R.K, but refrains from doing so. What made him step back? Just because RK is his father which he came to know later on or his high social and moral values? The stereotype in India is that if the upbringing is done in a criminal background then the son will definitely end up being a criminal. But the Mogalirekulu serial broke all stereotypes, showing that background has little role to play in a person’s life. The right upbringing is what matters.
  • When Munna comes to know that RK Naidu is his father, he hides his identity from him. It was just because, he was unable to face his police officer father as he was a criminal. This proves how much social values he had in him.
  • Selva, who is indulged in illegal activities throughout the serial, finally unites with RK’s family by matrimonial tie up. This shows that if given a chance, a person who has moved in the wrong direction can also change.

Well, Mogalirekulu serial was a great one, teaching moral values, but came to an end on 24th May 2013. The scripts, dialogues, acting everything was very near to reality and thus was a popular show. If you want to watch it again to revisit the storyline of this beautiful serial, there are various online Telugu sites, where you can watch it for free.

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