CND VINYLUX: A Stunning Addition To Shellac Nail Colors

CND VINYLUX: A Stunning Addition To Shellac Nail Colors

People are going mad about the new addition in the world of shellac nail colors. Lovers of CND colors have realized are fond of the amazing quality and look that these nail colors provide. Shellac Nail Colors have brought an amazing revolution in the world of nail colors.

This weekly nail color nail color requires no base coat. It just uses a top coat which can be made even more durable with exposure to natural light. This new technology promises a long lasting and amazingly glossy color without any use of UV/LED exposure. The best part is that these nail paints can be removed as easily as regular nail paints. These nail colors require no extra efforts of applying and removing the nail color.

Using ordinary nail colors may result in a brittle or deteriorated look after a period of time. Using VINYLUX is way better than the ordinary nail colors as this dries naturally and results in an absolutely flawless finish for your nail color.

Wonder How It Works? We will Tell You How

VINYLUX Weekly polish works best with a weekly top coat that makes the nail color even more durable and uniquely in design. The nail color uses a ProLight technology that leaves a stunning impact and prevents any type of chips to your nail color.

It is quite simple to apply the VINYLUX nail color. Here are some easy steps :

1. Start by applying a thin coat of VINYLUX weekly nail color. Give it a second coat to get enhanced look.
2. Apply one Top coat of VINYLUX weekly nail color.
3. Enjoy a happy time of amazingly stunning and beautiful nail color.
4. Remove it when you wish to get a new color.
5. Use CND Shellac Nourishing Remover for effective results.

Why Use VINYLUX nail colors?

There are much more that just one reason goes for VINYLUX nail colors. These self-adhering coats are used by a lot of Shellac lovers because of the following reasons.

1. Splendid Look

Using VINYLUX promises a week of flawless color on your nails. The steadfast color ensures a chip free week where you can flaunt your nail color and enjoy a splendid look.

2. Enduring Color

The top coat that you apply on your VINYLUX nail color will eventually be tough as it is exposed to natural light with ProLight technology. It is the best way to enjoy an eye catching color on your nails.

3. Less Time

The application and removing procedure of VINYLUX nail color is so simple that you don’t have to waste too much of time.

4. Overloaded with Excitement

There is a massive range nail color that can help you play the shades, accessories and get that feeling of excitement about these irresistible nail colors.Aren’t you excited about this new addition in the word of nail colors and designs? Grab the latest arrivals of.

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