5 Reasons To Discover Mossel Bay, South Africa

Mossel Bay is situated betwixt and between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and some surrounding cities. Mossel Bay was discovered way back in 1488 by Dias when he first came across the ancient Khoi-San people who were stepping ashore. The present name, Mossel Bay came about when a Dutch navigator, Paul Van Caeden in 1601 found a group of mussel shells in a cave at Cape St. Blaize. Mossel Bay being one of South Africa most attractive place is a wonderful place to land for holidays and to make a lot more discoveries.

Below are some five reasons to discover Mossel Bay, South Africa.

• Benign Climate

Mossel Bay is ranked in the Guinness Book of Record as one of the places with the temperate all-year long climate in the world. Hawaii leads on the score sheet. This type of weather condition in Mossel Bay makes it a friendly place to spend your next vacation and to plan your next business trip. The comfort in this place will make you carry out all necessary activities on time and still have enough time to have some fun.

• Water Based Sports and Scuba Diving

Sports can be enjoyed at any place you may find appropriate. Meanwhile, you can enjoy a specific sport to its best after you have discovered its field of play. Water-based sports is one of the fun games you can enjoy at Mossel Bay. Discover the skills portrayed by experts in this game whilst on the water surface. Scuba Diving is also enjoyed as part of this water-based sport using a scuba (an underwater breathing apparatus consisting of a portable canister of compressed air and a mouth piece. Other games are water whale and seal watching.

• Beaches

There is simply more than one beach at Mossel Bay. Luckily enough for tourists, this city is surrounded by vegetative mountains and water bodies. These collectively make the city possess such a warm environ. Due to these bodies, there are a lot of beaches out there where you can select to enjoy some sun radiations to spike up your body. A popular beach at Mossel Bay is the Cola Beach. It has a very quiet environment and most people select this beach for the next hour of relaxation.

• Cool Bay Wines

This goes out to the wine lovers who are on vacation at Mossel Bay. There are a lot of wines to select and each one of them gives you a good taste after close interval sips. You can find the Cool Bay Wines in a non-traditional wine area. You can simply locate this place in the Robinson Pass above Mossel Bay. This can’t be a place to get missing even if you are new to the Mossel Bay because of its esteem in popularity.

• Casinos

The game is ON! Let’s have fun as we make money. Most people think the best casinos are only in Las Vegas. But travel outside America to South Africa where you will find a grand casino known as the Garden Route Casino. Here you can have all sorts of entertainment, dine, paly some casino games and make some pocket change. Like Vegas know no sleep, in South Africa too, the Garden Route Casino never dulls the moment.

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